Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Father - The New Album and The Eternal Broth

I have been working on the last few months on my latest music project, and today, it is finally released! It is out now on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby, among many other digital music stores.

The new album is called Father and it is a departure from my first two previous albums, which focused quite a bit on food and using food as titles for the tracks.

This time round, there is still some connection on food, but there is a short story which I have written that accompanies the album.

The short story is called "The Eternal Broth" and tells the story of the 2 Jin brothers and their dad, who happens to run a bak kut teh stall.

The music album comprises of 10 tracks which details the story in its different phases and events in chronological order.

The music was composed to be like a soundtrack to the story, and thus, "Brothers" is  an innocent, almost harmless sounding track, whilst "Departure", which chronicles the dad's death, is sombre and melancholic.

All in all, Father is my most fulfilling effort so far, and I was looking for just doing musical tracks based on food names, and by writing both a story and a soundtrack based on the story was both challenging and satisfying at the same time.

It is also a more consistent album, where I feel that every track is there for a purpose, and yet it still has a certain degree of variety of musical styles and genres.

There is a little bit of guitar pop/rock, slight jazz, soul, blues and even orchestral strings thrown in. Some ethnic influences were also added.

As before, this was initially written and recorded entirely on the iPad and Garageband, using a mixture of instruments and mixed loops available.

This time, however, final mixing and mastering was done on the Mac Garageband as I wanted the highest quality sound and bit rate possible. Thus, the tracks will come off more vibrant than before.

It was a great pleasure doing this, and with a story to go along, I hope this album is more substantial than the previous ones and will provide enjoyment and joy for its listeners.

I hope you guys will support it and enjoy it as much as I had whilst writing and recording this album.

You can also download the iBook for free in the US store at this link.

Click here to download the album.

This album is also dedicated to my dad.