Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zam Zam Murtabak

It's been awhile since I last blogged about a prata place, and while my all time favorite will still be Sin Ming Roti Prata, I am beginning to find other very good alternative prata houses.

This one happens to be opposite the Sultan Mosque towards Bugis Junction, and is reputed to be one of the most notable prata houses in town. I decided to give it a try one evening after work.

Situated at a corner of a shophouse, the place was filled with a huge crowd, which is always a sign of a good prata place.

The aroma of the pratas and murtabaks were enough to convince me that this was worth trying, and unlike Sin Ming, it was not self service.

Egg and Onion Prata

My standard fare for prata has always been egg and onion, and I ordered this to see how it would stand up against their competition.

It was good, very good, but sadly, not as excellent as Sin Ming. I liked the fact that it was not greasy and the color looked just about right. Some places like Casuarina and Prata House Thomson tended to look too dark.

Here, it was more traditional, and hence, not as crispy as the aforementioned ones. Which happens to be the way I like it. I always think that crispy pratas were geared more towards a younger audience.

The fragrance of the egg and onion managed to shine through the prata dough, and while the dough was slightly dry, it still had a good flavor and texture.


The murtabak was on another level, however. Zam Zam apparently is more noted for their murtabaks than their pratas, and I could see why.

It was fried and neatled wrapped in a roll and it looked just heavenly. It still had a nice crispy crust and the meat underneath provided the necessary texture and flavors.

Unlike most other murtabaks, where you will enjoy the first few bites, but then you tend to have a hard time finishing the rest, this murtabak was just delicious from start to end.

The final conclusion is that while Zam Zam has good traditional prata, it is their murtabak that shines. Definitely a great place to go to manage your murtabak fix!

Zam Zam
697 North Bridge Road

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