Monday, June 11, 2012

Ice Edge II - Upper Thomson Outlet

One of my favorite chill out places has always been Ice Edge Cafe at Simon Road near Novan, and when I heard that Damien, the owner, was opening a second outlet at Upper Thomson, I was absolutely ecstatic.

The main reason for my elation is that I stay in Bishan, and having an Ice Edge outlet in the heart of Thomson means I can patronize it very easily and it is also a stone's throw from Pauline's office, meaning she can lunch there very often and easily.

This new outlet has been opened for over a month, and already, it is already seeing decent crowd traffic, and despite my misgivings about its very orange exterior, the place is significantly larger than its Simon outlet, and hence, much more comfortable.

Nice and Cosy

Damien spends most of his time here while his wife runs the Simon outlet, and just like its first outlet, Ice Edge II serves mainly cafe comfort food that comprises mostly pastas and pizzas, finger food and a great selection of homemade gelato.

Apart from that, they are also trying a number of new menu items, and also trying out different new flavors for their gelato. I am always very encouraged for folks like Damien to keep experimenting and trying new things to keep their customers' interest piqued.

Mushroom Soup

The mushroom was as delicious as I remembered from the Simon branch, and here, it was full of mushroom bits neatly blended and garnished with a touch of dry herbs. Hearty and earthy, and a great way to start a meal here.

Seafood Aglo Olio

The seafood aglo olio pasta is one of their bestsellers, and it was easy to see why. The flavors were very clean, and the fragrant aroma of the generous amount of chopped garlic were well cooked, and the shrimp were succulent and juicy. 


The pizzas were generally very good, and made for a very good alternative to the Pizza Huts in town as the dough was fresh, but somewhat doughy still. If they can improve the dough, the pizza here would be excellent. Nevertheless.

Laksa Risotto

The laksa risotto dish is very close to my heart, as it was a dish I had suggested to Chef Peter Neo last year and was featured in a Hong Kong magazine and was roundly praised.

Damien has continued to evolve this dish on his own here and despite my misgivings about having sausage on the plate, the risotto itself was flavorful with the spicy aromas of laksa leaves and the combination of risotto rice and spicy laksa flavors was simply irresistible.

Durian Lava Cake

One of the newer items was this magnificent Mao Shan Wang lava cake, and it was simply delicious. The durian ooze coming out of the fragrant sponge of the cake was beautiful and smooth. Coupled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this made for a fantastic combination!


Their waffles was something I have not tried till now, and it was great as well. Crisp, fresh and served with your choice of gelato, this classic dessert was well served here. Simple and effective.

Personally, I am delighted to see Damien doing well and beginning to expand his cafe outlets slowly but surely across our island. This latest outlet at Thomson showcases his great comfort cafe food very well, considering this stretch of eateries is well suited to his style of food.

Ice Edge II is a great place for youngster to hang out for some delectable desserts, but it is equally homely for family dinners as well.

Ice Edge II
203 Upper Thomson Road


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