Friday, December 13, 2013

Latte E Miele - Giddy Over Gelato

I joked to Marlon that people might nickname him the local Brando, but from certain angles, he does have a profile of Vitto Corleone, haha.

But Marlon, who works at Latte e Miele, is far from a Sicilian Don, and is in fact, one of the most personable F&B staff that I have come across in a long while.

The cosy waffles and ice cream cafe is located in Turf City, which is abuzz with all varieties of F&B establishments these days.

It even houses a play area for children so that adults can enjoy the food while the little ones play. Very thoughtful gesture.

Started by an Indian family who wanted to bring the best of gelato ice cream to Singapore, the joint prides itself on using only fresh ingredients in their fare, and it clearly shows.

Pistachio Gelato

Branding their ice cream as artisan gelato, this delightful pistachio gelato certainly did not disappoint. Wonderfully smooth in texture, the genuine nutty flavors of pistachio punctuated my palate with a distinctive authority that will leave no doubt to how good this cup of dessert was.

Large Cup of Mint, Strawberries and Lavender

Hoping that the pistachio was not merely a fluke, my dessert pal and I decided to go for broke and embarked on a larger cup of combo flavors. The mint was unquestionably strong and minty, and leaves a nice aftertaste.

The lavender was so intense I had a sense that I was in a BodyShop boutique, shopping for scented lotions and shower gels! And the strawberries was equally strong, so much so that I felt I was partaking in actual strawberries.

We did sample other flavors, and the thing that stood out was each and every flavor was really robust and authentic, and the reason was they did indeed use real ingredients for each and every of the dozen of flavors on offer.

Waffles with Marsala Wine Gelato

As if having some of the finest gelato was not enough, Latte e Miele actually makes their own waffles using their own mix. The result was a waffle that was more eggy and moist within, and is something that I personally prefer.

It meant that the exterior was somewhat less crispy and crunchy, but when paired with their gelato, it was just about right and the somewhat more savory nature of the waffle made a nice contrast to the sweet flavors.

The Marsala wine ice cream was another surprise, a change from the usual rum and raisin version you find elsewhere. The key for me was that all of their gelato had really good flavors, good creaminess and never went overboard on the sugar factor.

Savory Turkey Bacon Waffle Sandwich

They have also recently started doing savory waffles for a more complete meal, and boy, did they turn out well! Visually, it simply looked stunning. By folding a full sized waffle over the savory ingredients, it literally looked like a waffle sandwich.

They are also clever in using items like turkey instead of ham to cater to a wider audience, and it had a nice smokey aroma and was delicious with the melted cheese slobbering all over the protein. And with the beautifully made waffle acting as a base, it was quite a delightful meal and could easily feed 2 persons.

Gelato Giddiness

I really like the way their gelato was presented over the counter. Invitingly colorful and looking whimsical, it will definitely appeal to all ages. It has an almost Alice in Wonderland feel about it.

Marlon and Sidekick

Compound that with a really warm reception the moment you walk into the cafe, it is really a joyful time to spend in this place. Marlon is forever smiling, and his sidecick has that cheeky look about him, but yet he is always polite and helpful and never ceases to offer help when approached.

Marlon has been around since the inception of this cafe since late 2012, and knows every aspect of this eatery, something that cannot be said for other establishments. At all times, he handled each customer and every question like a seasoned PR executive, very eloquent and knowledgeable.

Turf City might be a food haven these days, and for the most part, it is a good spot to escape to. Away from the sky-scraping metropolis that is the city, Latte e Miele actually offers a good respite from the usual ice cream palours in town.

As for the gelato, with Marlon around, there is a new godfather of ice creams. And yeah, it is an offer simply too irresistible to refuse.

Latte E Miele
34B Turf City
200 Turf Road

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