Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Bakery Chef - A Most Beautiful Rainbow Cake

I remember hanging out at Bukit Merah Central during my schooldays. That was 20 years ago, where we used to go to watch the latest movies and spend an afternoon in the A&W fast food restaurant, gulping down our root beer floats and eating our coney dogs.

Since then, little has changed. The cinema and A&W may have closed and the emporium is gone, but most of the structures are still the same.

The hawker centre is also still there, and the various shophouses still dot the HDB estates in the central area.

But what has changed is that there are now a number of new cafes and bistros that have taken over some of the shophouses there. Among them is this little but delightful bakery cafe, The Bakery Chef.

The seating area is really small, and the place is cramped to the max. You will be sitting literally shoulder to shoulder. Despite that, the place is well decorated and is still cosy despite the lack of space.

They mostly serve desserts and pastries, so do not expect to come here for a full meal as there is not much of a savory selection here. But what is here, is really good.


They use beans from Highlander which makes their coffee finely balanced. Their latte art is pretty neat, and for regular coffee drinkers and cafe hoppers, there is very little that is disagreeable when it comes to their caffeine choices.

Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet cake was larger than usual, and yet very reasonable priced. As a cheesecake, it would certainly please cheesecake lovers, though personally, the cheese was a bit overwhelming for me but I am sure it will be a delight to many.

Rainbow Cake

The rainbow cake is their signature and it is easy to see why. Just looking at it, it is one of the most delicately crafted rainbow cakes that I have seen so far. Very intricate, and comes in a more squarish shape that usual. And again, it is very well priced.

The layers of cheese and cream were also very thin and fine, and maybe because of that, it exhibited less of a rich creamy taste than usual and the cheese levels were much more muted. Apparently, they also infused quite a fair bit of passion fruit flavors into the mix, thus giving it a refreshing citrus punch that most rainbow cakes lack.

That nice and much needed addition of acidity really gave this cake a good balance and allowed one to continue eating this until the end, without either giving you a sugary overload or too much of a richness that might make this wonderful pastry a chore to complete.

They also serve waffles and other delectable pastries, but if you are a fan of rainbow cakes, I highly suggest you try this place out. You might not stay there long due to the place constraints, but it is highly likely you will find much joy in their pastry selections.

The Bakery Chef
161 Bukit Merah Central

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