Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Club Vivaa at Jurong Kechil - Chilling Out to Local Comfort Food

Little did I know that hidden from the main road of Upper Bukit Timah where Beauty World is, houses a cosy little chill out bar that serves good old fashioned local food.

What is even more impressive is that it is run and operated by Julie, who does all her own cooking as well as managing the club and bar joint's operations. And she is the the mixologist there too.

Nestled among the row of shophouses along Jalan Kechil, it is easy to miss this quaint and comfortable bar if you are driving by.

Simple and Cosy Interiors

Step inside and you will be treated to a simple but comfortable surrounding, and a centerpiece pool table for those who like pot a few balls or two. 

Everything is done with simplicity but with a sense of good taste as well. For a neighborhood pub, it is almost classy in a way.

Ter Ka/Pig Trotter Mee Sua

Having to cook every dish on the menu on her own, I am impressed with the quality of the food that comes out of Julie's kitchen. The pig trotter mee sua is straightforward but nicely executed. It is also unexpected in a bar and for a beer pairing dish, this ter ka mee sua actually makes a lot of sense.

Lok Lok

Her lok lok dish was even more satisfying to both the eyes and the tummy. Using a variety of meats and tomatoes, each skewer was nicely grilled to a comforting delight.

In fact, one of the skewers actually made use of fried noodles, akin to those shen mian you find in zhe char places. This little creative touch was very welcomed indeed.

Fried Chicken Wings

Julie makes her own chilli sauce, and this alone is worthy of sampling here. The chicken wings were quite standard but well executed, and despite using the smaller frozen chicken wings, the marinade that Julie concocted up had a nice flavor and was nicely seasoned. Perfect for that pint of beer.

Sambal Fried Rice

For those who crave for a more substantial starch in a place like this, the sambal fried rice was more than adequate. While it lacked the wok flavor you find in zhe char places, Julie made up for this by infusing it with as much flavor from the sambal and the accompanying ingredients.

Blue Hawaii

As a bartender, Julie also makes her own cocktails and mocktails. For those who are not alcohol inclined, this cool glass of Blue Hawaii might be the refreshing way to go with the food on offer.

While one would not expect bar food to be restaurant or zhe char quality, the fact that Julie does everything on her own is most impressive. The plating is simple but is easy on the eyes and she has a sense of balance, both in the flavors and in the visual craft of her food.

Local Comfort Food

Very often, you will find most watering hole patrons eating elsewhere at some kopitiam places before proceeding to their bars. At Club Vivaa, you can kill both birds with one stone. The drinks are aplenty, and the food has that homecooked comfortableness that will please most bar hoppers.

As for Julie, it is always satisfying to see the owner overseeing every detail of her establishment with such care and passion. It is not about hype sometimes, but pure hard work and dedication that makes a food and drinks place work and succeed. 

To quote Coldplay, Viva la Vida. Long live the life, and long live Club Vivaa.

Club Vivaa
100 Jalan Jurong Kechil

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