Monday, June 8, 2015

The Rockin' Diner By The Mustard Incident - Hot Dog and Philly Cheesesteak Cravings

Singaporeans seem to prefer burgers over hotdogs, and that may explain why A&W's demise some years back.

I do miss those Coney Dogs and root beers, and though they are still operating in some parts of Malaysia, I still long for a good hotdog every once in a while.

Thank goodness The Rockin' Diner has popped up along Club Street and it looks every bit a typical American deli hangout place to chill and unwind.

The walls are adorned with graffiti and though not air conditioned, the place has a decent vibe and simple decorations to make you feel right at home.

As for their food, it is classic American grub. Which means, hotdogs, Philly cheesesteaks and American styled chilli. All in good proportions and a good dose of beer to wash all that grease down.

Bacon Fries

This is the American way. As if it is not sinful enough, bacon is wrapped around the rough cut fries to give you that extra punch of fats haven. Thankfully, the homemade mayo is just the right counter to all this richness of grease and tell you what, it does taste good with all the cholesterol hovering around.

Philly Cheesesteaks

What stole my heart was their Philly Cheesesteaks. They were awesomely good, flavorful and manly sized. The ciabatta was thankfully warm and toasty, and the steaks themselves beautifully cooked and seasoned.

The three cheeses used was all that it needed to take it over the top. Plus more of those hand cut fries that were chunky chewy and this is just the perfect beer food. Oh, lest I forget, the sweetness from the caramelised onions just gave it that extra beautiful depth that just prevented it from being in salt heaven.


A name like that for a hotdog cannot be that simple right? Whatever they wanna call it, it is a freakishly good god, I mean, dog. The combination of beef and pork sausages kinda explains the naming, but it was the culmination of everything that is good with a hotdog that will win the accolade of best hotdog in town for me.

Paired with their in-house chilli sauce that had traces of bitterness from the injection of coffee powder, you will come to bow before the dog of all dogs. Yes, Master Dog. Nice buns, great sausages, rocking chilli and rustic looking - Yeah!


Gotta give it to the Yanks for coming up with this crazy little number. Nutella is over indulgent in itself, but using it in a classic Italian dessert and you have to be a certified culinary lunatic. Yes, it looks messy but who cares.

A bit sweet it maybe, but then Americans like it that way. Have it once a week and you can still save that 2.4km jog. It is a fine way to end the hotdogs on a sugar high.

Kelly, the owner of this diggitydoggie establishment, has a heart as big as his frame. He is a former St Pat's boy who has worked in Hawaii for some time to soak in their food and culture. He is back now to do some good for this industry and for others.

When you have a guy who cooks with a big heart, you are not only getting a big meal, but a big load of good tasting chow as well.

Rock away!

The Rockin' Diner by The Mustard Incident
11 Club Street

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