Monday, November 16, 2015

Gourmet Greens Week - Eating Healthy and Eating Well

Gourmet Greens Week is a special vegetarian only event jointly organised by Chope and Fiji Water, and will feature more than a dozen of our finest establishments.

Participating restaurants will run a week long special four-course set for lunches and dinners, priced at $30 and $45 respectively.

Some of the well known names include Absinthe, Humpback, Sugarhall and Luxe Sydney.

Fret not for meat eaters as yours truly had the privilege to sample of these purposefully crafted green plates, and they are indeed substantial enough for even the heartiest of guys.

Asian Kale Salad

Afterglow's Kale Salad bursts with a glory of colours and textures. Everything on the plate is technically still alive and kept below 42 degrees Celsius to retain all their nutrients and benefits.

No sugar is used, so a combination of clever techniques and ingredients like the candied almonds with honey is utterly inspired. A caressing tinged dressing of sesame and ginger gives it an almost local feel, and the portion is substantial enough to make it a full meal. A great way to enjoy a salad.

Miso Pumpkin Rice

At Neon Pigeon, they are offering up this extremely delectable Miso Pumpkin Rice with Crispy Garlic and Sugar Snap Peas. The pumpkin flavoured rice is gorgeously addictive, the pumpkin generating just enough of a natural sweetness and the crispy garlic giving the starchy luxuriant some needed timbre and brightness.

Alphonso Mango Kulfi

Song of India's dessert exclusive is a simple and comforting way to end a meal. Excellent alphonso mangoes to go with an Indian ice cream that is surprisingly not that sweet. Finished off with more fresh fruits, it is citrusy and refreshing with just enough of a creamy finish to put you nicely on your way home.

The event is from 23 to 29 November 2015.

For more information and reservations, you can click here.

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