Monday, February 29, 2016

Dallas Restaurant and Bar - Prime Ribs That Hit The Mark

Prime ribs used to be quite an expensive affair, and the prominent one in town has always been the go to for many diners here. Thankfully, more affordable and equally delectable prime rib establishments are now available.

One such eatery is Dallas Restaurant and Bar and they have been around for some time.

Occupying the spruced up premises in the Sky Garden at Suntec City, it is a glass construct with a distinctive high ceiling design.

It not only looks spacious, it gives a sense of posh and elegance as you step into the restaurant.

Stocked with some fine wines from Down Under, it makes for a very relaxing spot for both lunch and dinner. At night, the city lights up impeccably to provide a natural brightness permeating through its tinted glass walls.

Snapper Fish Taco

They have a nice duo of tacos for starters. The pork belly variant will be pleasing to those looking for something bit more lardy, but I will defer to this snapper fish taco which has a nice crisp batter to go along with the toppings. Zesty and ocean deep fried flavours always go well, and it is so here.


The croquettes are what you would expect, though they are probably not the most mind blowing ones around. But they do the job well, creamy fillings with a breadcrumbed crust.

Meat Platter with Prime Ribs

There is a terrific meat platter for sharing and it consists of prime ribs, roast chicken, a couple racks of lamb and some pork ribs.

The star is the beef, of course, and it is cooked and sliced to a medium pink perfection. Gorgeous, robust beef flavours dominate the platter and with a pair of nice sauces to go along, it is reminiscent of the Beefeater many decades ago that has the finest prime ribs in Singapore. Not the one with the spinning salad thingy.

Elsewhere, the chicken has a golden, well seasoned crust, but could have done with a little more moisture. The lamb racks are very good, and well grilled with a smoky char on the outside and very little gamey odour within.

Dallas is a beautiful place to dine in, and especially when the night skies light up, it is pretty mesmerising for a romantic night out. It makes for a suitable gathering of friends and family as well. But the prime rib, that I will come back for more.

Dallas Restaurant and Bar
Suntec City Sky Garden
Take the long escalator up next to the Maserati showroom

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