Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Morton's Spring Menu 2017 - Faultless as Always

Steakhouses in Singapore are certainly becoming more commonplace these days. Whilst the Cuts, Wooloomooloos and Chop Houses offer up a variety of options and prices,  Morton's still rules.

In recent years, they have seen a facelift and even opened up for Sunday lunches. Despite the various changes to cater for an ever discerning and equally fickle dining crowd, their signatures are still as good as ever.

While the general impression is that Morton's is a posh and pretentious eatery due to its lofty pricing, the reality is that it is still a great place to spend a date night or to entertain a client.

The service staff are more than attentive, and with a front house staff ably led by JJ, you will be more than pampered when you dine here. Their signature Mortinis, as well, are a great way to start an evening of faultless gastronomy.

Burrata, Heirloom Tomato, Mango

A new addition this year is this refreshing salad. This being Morton's, the portion is a hefty one and enough for two. A bright and zesty dressing and savoury prosciutto counters one another nicely. The creamy burrata grounds all the appetising textures, giving it the perfect and smooth finish. Nothing groundbreaking, just big and bold which is what Morton's is all about.
Halibut with Pistou

The fish and pistou combination is appropriate and the basil enlightened sauce really brings out the flavour of the fish. The halibut, though, was not as flaky and moist as I would have liked. A greasy and thick piece of cod would have played better against the delicious pistou, which has hints of parmesan for an even more aromatic lure.

Waygu Filet Mignon and Herbed Tallow Butter

For the main event, the US Waygu choice tenderloin cut will please the steak lovers. Tender and a perfect crust, the herb butter gives it a buttery and salty flavour to make it even more tantalising. Filet mignon fans should gravitate easily towards this piece of cattle without much to complain.

Dry Aged Grain Fed Strip Steak

Personally, I would take this bone-in piece of prized protein anytime, any day. There is simply so much flavour and that sear is just so well executed, faultless is an understatement. It is also why you come here over other steakhouses.

Somehow, that broiler finish is just far superior to a conventional grill. The insides prove to be equally brilliant and delicious. Despite being cooked to a medium doneness, the meat is amazingly succulent and juicy and epitomises the best of Chicago steakhouses..

Big, bold, juicy and flavourful. All the hallmarks of a great Chicago steak is summed up on this plate of beef nirvana. There are various butters to go along, but heck, the meat tastes good all on its own. Even so, the blue cheese butter is extremely addictive and I would not mind having that with toast every morning.

And that sums up their spring selections. It may not be a weekly affair to dine here, but I can assure you when you do make this an occasion, you are unlikely to walk out unsatisfied. It may not be on the crux of trending cuisine, but when things are done so faultless, it beckons you to return again and again.

Morton's Steakhouse
Mandarin Oriental
4th Level

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