Monday, April 23, 2018

Victor's Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza - Forget the Liu Sha Bao, It's the Dim Sum That Shines

Dim sum joints these days can be quite boring and bland, the same recycling of the usual steamed and fried items, albeit served up at fine dining establishments with fine dining prices.

Yet, when we long for the old school push trolley dim sum places, the remaining ones are a pale shadow of their former glory.

Somehow, Victor's Kitchen has quietly been serving up quality dim sum at very affordable rates. And despite hiding out in a not so fashionable mall with simple furnishings, the food is more than examplary.

In fact, you can easily proclaim that the food here easily trumps many fine dining establishments with their back to school approach. It has value and quality, something that you cannot easily declare in their many competitors around.

Xiao Long Bao

Even their rendition of Xiao Long Bao, which is not your quintessential dim sum classic, this thin skinned pork meat bun is actually comparable to many other more famous Shanghainese joints. Yes, it cannot be right up there with the elite group of XLB, but it's certainly no slouch either.

Siew Mai

Even better is their siew mai, which is made in the classic way. Nothing superfluous nor fancy, it is just plain well executed. Nicely seasoned, plentiful ingredients and gorgeously flavourful on the palate, this is how I like my siew mai to be made.

You Tiao Chee Cheong Fun

One of my favourite things to order here is this superb You Tiao Chee Cheong Fun. Paper thin rice flour wrapping, crispy fried dough and a wise selection savoury sweet soya sauce that is as light and clear as the best Chinese tea, this is dim sum at it's rustic best. Yes, it bests even the Michelin mentioned one.

Yam Cake

But an absolute surprise was this rather modest looking yam cake that can be easily mistaken for your typical radish/carrot cake. Perfectly pan fried with that lovely golden crust, it is the yam mixture and texture that utterly captivated me. If you love anything yam, this is the one to do you in.

Elsewhere., the much ballyhooed Liu Sha Bao is actually more than decent too, but it is the dim sum that deserves a better showing and exposure. Forget the old school ones at Chin Swee and Jalan Berseh. If you long for a good old rustic dim sum meal without the frills, this is a far better option.

Victor's Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street
Level 1

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