Monday, August 23, 2010

Introducing the Silver Chef

The Silver Chef in Queenstown, NZ
My name is Ian Low and I hail from the island of Singapore, a food mecca of sorts where the east has already met the west and is now moving on to new ground.

It is this new ground that my humble self, a self-taught chef in the age of the Internet has dubbed myself the Silver Chef.

Why silver? Well, my hair has grown progressively from black to grey .... and now it seems to be silverish, so heck, the Silver Chef is thus born!

Hopefully this will be the first of many Singapore food blogs that I will contribute and hopefully, many will enjoy reading this and perhaps, even attempt at some of the dishes that will be featured on this blog.

I am trained in IT engineering, so it is a great stretch, and more than a few worlds apart from the culinary world, but it is this passion for food and all things culinary that has fueled my weekends for the past few years (that and golf!)

So why this blog? To be frank, I was partly inspired by the movie Julie and Julia where Julie, in her own self-taught way decided to go through the cookbook of the great Julia Childs. As for me, I am not going through anyone's cookbook, but instead, using this blog as a document of my culinary adventures and experiments (many failed I assure you!)

Some bio on me, I am 41 this year, married, no kids, love movies and music and enjoys the finest moments in life whenever life permits (and my bank account's permission too).

So enough about me and the introduction ... off we go on our first culinary adventure ...


  1. Nice blog, Ian! Your dishes look great!

    Haha you're the same age as my hubby who also loves music but if only he would be as huge a foodie and cook for me too!

  2. Thanks! I am still new to this, and have much to learn. As for your hubby, send him over to my house someday and who knows, I might just convert him

  3. Hey Ian,

    Your dishes look awesome!!

    How I wish I can have 10% of your cooking skill....

    Keep in touch!!

  4. hi lynn! thx for dropping by! really appreciate your comments :)

    and do come by often for more recipes, hope u will try some of them and let me know what u think .. i am always lookin to improve my own skills!

    espeically to learn from yr baking and desserts! cheers!

  5. Hi Ian,

    You are most welcome to learn baking from me...hahahaa...

    There is another of my hubby website that you might be interested....(men does cooking now a days huh...hehehee)

  6. cool! and jus checked out yr hubby site ... nice ... although the lady has it for better taste (both foodwise and websitewise)! hehe

    we should get together one of these days and cook for each other ... what u think? my wife will be happy to meet the both of u!

  7. Bring it on!!

    Do you have Facebook account?

  8. cool! ... i will contact u via email or IM very soon ...

    have a great evening foodwise! ... and PS, luv yr dog .. really adorable with the macaron on the nose

  9. Good luck and congratulations for the excellent start! It's great to have a new blog full of interesting recipes!

  10. thanks! just stopped by yr blog too and you are a wonderful cook!

    your recipes are already inspiring me to create more over the coming weeks :)