Monday, August 23, 2010

Spoonful of Salmon Ceviche Amuse Bouche

I thought what better way to start off this food journey than with a simple to goodness salmon ceviche amuse bouche.

For those not in the know, amuse bouche refers to a bite sized appetizer, usually to excite the palette (hence, mouth amuser!) before the actual meal.

My salmon taster is simple salmon sashimi, chopped into fine slices, drizzled with lemon juice, just a touch of finely diced fresh tomatoes, caviar, slice of chive and another thinly sliced ginger.

Encompass all of it in a chinese serving spoon and off you go! The different flavors should provide a nice balance of salmon protein while the lemon juice and tomatoes provide a nice acidity, and the caviar for the savory and the crunchy texture.

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