Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From Musician to Chef - Lynnette Seah at Rubato With Video

If this past week was about my transition from cooking to music, I was equally fortunate enough to be involved in another event that was just the other way around.

Lynnette Seah is not only our Singapore Symphony Orchestra co-leader, but an extremely celebrated and accomplished violinist. She happens to be a great cook too.

So good in fact, that Rubato invited her to be their guest chef over the past weekend. She has also been a guest cook in other events and publications, and also among a judging panel selecting the best restaurants in Singapore.

Without a doubt, her food pedigree is second to none. And witnessing her first hand, preparing for the night, as well as cooking, and overseeing every detail was really eye-opening and a privilege.

Her guests were also highly expectant and Lynnette herself, amazingly, found the time to mingle and was a perfect host at front of house and a masterchef, in the kitchen.

Romchei Parma Ham with Lynnette's Raspberry
Vinaigrette and Roma Tomatoes

This lovely appetizer was a perfect to start off the night. The parma ham was specially procured for the night and the dish itself was light, flavorful and so elegantly plated.

Cream of Asparagus with Crabmeat
and Wild Salmon Caviar

The broth was so aromatic it could hit you from a mile away. Gorgeously delicious, the caviar added a much desired crunch and savory taste to it. One very beautifully presented soup in every sense.

Seafood Linguine in Lobster Sauce

This was an extremely indulgent yet utterly irresistible pasta course. The lobster was enormous and perfectly cooked. The scallops were sweet and succulent and the sauce had that perfect tomato balance that most pastas could only dream of.

Norwegian Cod with Pumpkin Puree
and Parma Reduction

For mains, diners had a choice of cod or beef. The cod dish was so beautifully plated that you had a hard time breaking it down to consume it. Perfectly seared to perfection, the pumpkin puree had a secret ingredient which I shall not divulge, but let's just say it was superb.

Oven Roasted Ribeye with Foie Gras Sauce
and Portobello Mushroom

The ribeye was so nicely cooked that it had the perfect pink in the middle while the edges had a wonderful sear. Moist and tender, this ribeye had an air of invincibility about it. The sauce was beautiful and delicious, and the mushroom round out the whole dish off perfectly.

Exotic Tiramisu

Lynnette's own secret recipe for this classic dessert certainly did not disappoint. Exotic was aptly used as it contained a certain alcoholic kick like no other tiramisu I had tasted. A delicious way to finish the evening.

All in all, everyone had a wonderful time and a testament to the quality of the food can be found in the way that no plate came back unfinished.

Food, like music, is fueled with creativity. Being a virtuoso in the music field, Lynnette has also proven her caliber in the annals of cuisine as well with this excellent menu and night of cooking.

I look forward to more artists making the plunge to try other creative outlets like what Lynnette Seah has done.

Written, filmed, edited and directed by SilverTunes Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 in Rubato.
No parma ham was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Chendol" written and performed by Ian Low.

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