Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sungei Road Laksa - Best Laksa in Singapore

I have had my fair share of Katong Laksa, and other variants of this popular local dish. But today, I just discovered the pinnacle of all things Laksa.

Located in Kelantan Road, Sungei Road Laksa is a humble stall in a typical coffeeshop, but manned by a family of 3 when I was there.

Just seeing the uncle filling each bowl of laksa with the gorgeous broth, fueled by a charcoal burner was worth the trip to go there by itself.

His pugilistic movements would not seem out of place in an Ang Lee movie, and the  family members working like clockwork to fill each bowl with ingredients was like swiss precision.

Kung Fu Laksa

The laksa itself was served like Katong Laksa style, with only a spoon and no chopsticks.

What was visually appealing was the explosion of colors brimming from side to side. The redness of the cockles matched beautifully with the green of the parsley and the yellowish broth.

The broth itself was very light, not lemak like Katong Laksa, but it was because of this lightness that I especially enjoyed. A tinge of refreshing sweetness, infused with the coconutty flavors.

Gorgeous Laksa

The cockles were not only huge, but very abundantly generous. The textures were just amazing, cooked to perfection. The noodles and bean sprouts added the much needed texture and color as well.

It was so delicious that I literally had 2 and a half bowls at one go. And let me say, I rarely consume so much food at one go. Every bit of laksa flavor had me intoxicated and just clamoring for more.

Block 27, Jalan Berseh
#01-100 Jin Shui Kopitiam


  1. Hope u're well, Ian! Been busy eating?? Hahaha!

    I love Laksa. So sad our Laksa lost to Penang Laksa :< I'm not really a fan of Penang style as I love mine with lots of ingredients & cockles are a must :)

  2. Thanks blackswan!

    yeah, almost everyone i spoke to said the same thing ... our laksa trumps the penang style by a mile ... oh well, its just a list ...

    there will be other lists and all lists are subjective ... as long as we like and are proud of our singapore cuisine and we do our part promoting it .. thats more important than rankings

  3. This Sungei Road Laksa stall is the original and only stall, the address for it should be Blk 27 Jalan Berseh #01-100 Singapore 200027.

    The current laksa stall at Blk 31 Kelantan Lane, #01-12, Seng Chuan Eating House, is not related to the above stall in any ways.

  4. Thanks for pointing it out. The address is hereby corrected.

  5. what time are they open? Do they open on fri, sat and suns?