Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chan Wai, Food Writer Extraordinaire With Video

If you have been noticing on my last couple of posts, there has been a constant mention of this wonderful gentleman by the name of Chan Wai, who just so happens to be one of Hong Kong's best food critics.

Chan Chun Wai, (Chan Wai for short), is a freelance food and travel writer and goes all over the globe to find the best in cuisine and food. He is basically Asia's Anthony Bourdain.

Armed with an immaculate palette, and an affable charm and personality, he was simply a joy to be with during our culinary adventures throughout the island over the last week or so. He was on assignment for the popular magazine, Eat and Travel Weekly.

Never wavering from any interesting food, he is a true culinary gladiator. And he has such a keen eye for everything that passes him by, so much so that even us locals miss the details that he was able to pick up on.

Chan Wai and Chef Winnie

The classic notions that food critics are stuffy and highly strung are thrown out of the window where Chan Wai is concerned. He is always ready to disarm even the sternest of hawker stall owners with his easy going manners, and his highly inquisitive nature on all things culinary.

On one such occasion during an impromptu pandan cake making session, he displayed all the abilities and charm of a seasoned TV host as he joked and cooked his way through with our local Chef Winnie. Thankfully, I was there to capture it all on video and it is attached below.

On other occasions, during our visit to Rich and Good Cake Shop, he created such a light and enlightening atmosphere that had the entire staff enamored and posing for him for pictures. Such is his ability with folks from all walks of life.

Chan Wai and Lily

It is his knowledge of food from all over the world that is easily impressive and something that I was thankful to learn from during this week. His generosity in sharing his travels and eating experiences was a treasure in itself and I heartily thank him for letting me in on these.

Ultimately, it has been my extreme privilege to make his acquaintance and to follow him on his food adventures in the land of Singa and making this wonderful friend and fellow food warrior. I am left with many great food memories on video that was so preciously captured.

Oh, and lest I forgot, I also want to applaud him for his courage to taste all things durian despite his obvious adverseness to the fruit and in the process, taking to it ever so slightly and slowly.

And in case I also forget, Rex Chapman, his talented photographer, is also a very friendly and funny sidekick. I am equally privileged to make this other fellow food friend. Both are very humble and simply nice folks.

With that said, I hope to meet up again with Chan Wai and Rex the next time they touch down here to begin a sequel of more food adventures. I leave you with the video of Chan Wai and Chef Winnie making a fabulous pandan cake!

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 in Pan Pacific Hotel.
No pandan cakel was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Chendol Jonker Mix" written and performed by Ian Low.

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  1. I don't deserve your praise that much....but thanks so much. It was great to meet you and the gang in Singapore, a food wonderland!