Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Silverfish Remix

I have enjoyed so much creating Silverfish on the iPad using Garageband, that it was inevitable that I would revisit some of the music there to produce something extra.

And way back in the 80s, I remembered how much I enjoyed buying 12 inch vinyl singles containing different mixes of my favorite songs.

That being the key motivator, I decided to remix 4 of my tracks on Silverfish and at the same time, experimented with loops and samples on the Garageband app.

For those who are not aware of loops, they are basically snippets of actual recordings that are mostly used in dance music as samples. It could be sound or even bits of music that producers use to "loop" in their tracks to kind of decorate the music somewhat.

I also wanted to create a different vibe for each of the tracks and give a much different feel from the original incarnations.

Hence, Chendol here is much more acoustic and almost unplugged, and have a swinging latin jazz groove.

Ribeye Remix takes the original and gives it a dance and hip hop groove that is almost unrecognizable at first, but I like the catchy rhythm of this new version.

Abalone Reprise takes the oriental atmosphere from the original version and updates it with a more uptempo, almost danceable take of the track.

And finally, Ginger Broth removes the rock band and drums of the original and makes it a slow soothing ballad and adds a sensuous saxophone sample to the background.

Here are the links to the music which you can hear, enjoy!

Chendol Jonker Mix

Ribeye Remix

Abalone Reprise

Ginger Broth

And lest anyone thinks that there is no new music from the Silver Chef, I have actually completed recording The Mooncake Melodies. But that is for another post.

For now, enjoy Silverfish Remix!

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