Monday, November 21, 2011

Hooked on Heads at Sin Ming Plaza - Delicious Assam Curry Fish Head

I was fiddling around the new ihawker app, which is the iPhone version of the ieatishootipost blog, and it is really quite fascinating. There is this one feature where you can find his famous posts using your current location.

And there I was one day, after having my bak kut teh at Sin Ming, when I was trying to figure out what else was good around here, that I discovered Hooked on Head through this app and feature.

Hooked on Heads is situated at Sin Ming Plaza, just off Shunfu Road and almost near Upper Thomson road.

Occupying 2 retail units, this cosy and comfy eatery is nicely nestled within the numerous learning centers around this area.

Seating is spacious and the decor is simple, rustic yet soothing. The moment you walk in you get a sense of home.

We decided to sample a few dishes.

Assam Curry Fish Head

The star and signature here has to be this delectable assam curry fish head, and boy, was it a dish! Generous in its portioning, the whiff of the assam curry as the server was bringing it out was enough to make anyone salivate.

The tangy taste of the assam curry provided a nice balance of acidity to the rich curry flavors, and the fish meat was nicely cooked to almost perfection. Adorned with lady fingers, there was just enough combination of textures to ensure that this dish would not take any prisoners in the end. This is curry fish head of the highest order.

Deep Fried Stuffed Tofu

For our sides, we ordered this tasty plate of deep fried tofu, stuffed with some seafood I believe. Again, the portion was way much more than what we could have taken, and it was enough as a meal on its own!

The batter was crispy without being flaky, and nicely deep fried. Very clean, and not as fatty or oily was one would have expected in a norma zhe char stall. The stuffing was flavorsome and maybe just a tad too big per piece. A smaller piece would have been just ideal.

Chap Chai or Assorted Vegetables

Finally, we rounded up the meal with a nonya classic of chap chai, or assorted vegetables in a sweet tasting broth. It was certainly good chap chai, but I am not sure if it was the best I ever tasted, but certainly good enough by most nonya standards.

If you are staying around this region, and looking for a nice family eatery, Hooked on Heads is simply ideal for such an occasion. Reasonably priced, comfortable surroundings, this is perfect for a home cooked styled meal served in a homely arena.

I recommend you also try ihawker app by going to the app store for the iPhone, and search for ihawker.

Hooked on Heads
Tower 2, #01-01/02
Sin Ming Plaza
6 Sin Ming Road


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  2. Food= above average.
    Service= sucks. V bad service

    I will not patronise them anymore. Nit value for money. We pay for service charge. But v bad attitude there