Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sembawang White Bee Hoon

I have never been real big on bee hoon dishes, so it came as a surprise that I actually found a favorite place for having this rather simple but yet, very tasty dish in the vicinity of Sembawang.

Located in a coffeeshop called You Huak Restaurant, this place is usually packed during lunch and dinner, and its quite common to see long queues forming just to wait for a table here. So, how good is it?

Well, it turns out, this place is really good at zhe char dishes, and its run by a Teochew family that is both nice and humble.

Besides the famous white bee hoon which everyone orders, they do serve a variety of delectable zhe char dishes that is definitely a cut above your average zhe char stalls you find in your neighborhood.

White Bee Hoon

The white bee hoon has always been the star here, and it is clear why so many people favor this dish. The bee hoon itself was wok fried first to give it a little bit of wok flavor, than simmered in a delicious broth to let the noodles soak in all the juices.

When served, it was garnished with a squid, shrimp and vegetables and the entire flavor combination was just simply gorgeous. It did not have too much of a wok hei, but that was perfectly fine by me as this dish was more of a "moist" sort of noodle dish, and the broth really came through very well. Simple, and effective.

Fried Prawn Rolls

The fried prawn rolls was another favorite of the crowd and again, they did a fantastic job here. It was not oily at all, and the fillings was very flavorsome as I detected pork within, and the overall flavors and textures of this dish was perfect.

They seemed to use fresh oil to fry this as a lot of places tend to use reused oil very often and those usually elicited a nasty oil flavor. Here, it was just right and the cleaner flavors of this prawn roll really made this very delectable.

Stir Fried Fish Head

But the one dish that really caught us off guard was this beautifully cooked fish head plate. Stir fried with a variety of vegetables that included leeks, celery and onions, the combination of all the flavors was simply a knockout!

Infused with a spicy chill sauce, this was the perfect dish for this time of the year. The fish pieces themselves were fresh and well cooked, and retained a firmness yet not overcooked, the flavors were nicely balanced and was really, the real star of this meal.

For Sembawang residents, this place is a no-brainer. For those living further away, you might question if it is worth a trip here, considering it is quite remote in a sense, but certainly, together with the previous Chong Pang Nasi Lemak, you might want to do a 2 for 1 trip here one of these days.

The food was really well done here, and well you can argue there are better bee hoons around, the fish head itself was worth any trip here for me.

Sebawang White Bee Hoon
You Huak Restaurant
22 Jalan Tampang (Opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre)

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  1. Hey Ian, my son has been telling me about this White Beehoon but I've yet to try. Just showed him your post & he said this is the place. Mmm.... looks like I must really try this out :)

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