Sunday, May 20, 2012

Simple Bacon and Onion Omelette Recipe

Gordon Ramsay once said that he likes to test a cook's skill by asking him or her to cook a simple egg dish for him. The reasoning is quite simple, and I tend to subscribe to it.

It is always easy to use expensive and premium ingredients to elevate a dish, but it is always quite hard to take something simple and make it special. And eggs are one of the most common ingredients out there.

Yet, like Ramsay, I always find that a lot of food places tend to do eggs very sloppily and is often very underwhelming. It is surprising that a lot of folks cannot even cook a simple omelette.

That said, I'd like to show you how to do a simple omelette dish, and cooking it just right to impress anyone you may have over for a meal.

To begin, slice a full onion and finely chop about 100g of bacon. Crack about 4 eggs and whisk it in a bowl.

Here's a little tip, take a cold pan and place it on the stove. Turn the heat to just medium or slightly lower and add in the bacon. The reason is you want to render some of the bacon fat first before it gets burned up and this will add an amazing aroma.

Once the pan starts to heat up, you will see the fat being rendered slowly. Add in a knob of butter to add some sweetness and emulsion to the mixture and add in the onions.

Always make sure you cook the onions thoroughly to extract as much sweetness from the onions as possible and also, they will soften down to more edible bites later.

Once the onions are soft and sweet, pour in the eggs in the center of the pan and let the mixture even distribute all over the pan. This is where a non stick pan comes in real handy.

Once the eggs start to cook and the edges get a bit crusty, shake the pan to make sure the omelette does not stick and you will be able to flip part of the omelette.

I prefer to flip half of the omelette so that it covers like a popiah, and let it cook awhile before flipping the entire omelette to the other side.

Season with just pepper as the bacon should provide enough salt to give it an aromatic savoriness. Once both sides are sufficiently crusted, remove from the heat and plate it.

Garnish with some spring onions and you are done. The perfect omelette should be crusty on the outside, and there is some soft moisture on the side, and combined with the sweetness of the garlic, it should taste fantastic.

So, there you have it. A simple but delicious omelette dish.


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  4. Thank you for this recipe. I really love eggs and how good they are to flavour up dishes. However, what really amazes me about eggs is the way it blends with other ingredients. They are so convenient and easy to prepare such as this recipe of yours. Thank you again for sharing this. I will certainly have to try this.