Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SP Pratas and Curry at Seletar Hill Estate

Today, I thought I do a very quick post on a prata joint I recently discovered by chance in a very quiet place in Seletar Hill Estate.

Well, maybe not that quiet as the morning crowd was quite bustling and being the only coffeeshop around, in a place surrounded by private houses, it would definitely be the place to get your morning breakfast and such.

I was actually having coffee with Masterchef Peter near his Pietro restaurant, which happens to be a short walk away, that he suggested I try the prata here.

Going in with zero expectations, the last thing I expected to find was one of the very best prata that I have yet savored.

Beautiful Prata

As usual, I asked for a standard kosong one and an egg and onion prata. When it landed on my table, I knew it was no ordinary prata from the pure look of it.

It looked crispy on the outside, but with none of the deep fried oil they use in some of the more popular prata houses these days.

True enough, on tasting, it was brilliant! The dough was well fried without overdoing it, and the textures were crispy throughout the exterior and had a beautiful bite to it.

The curry that accompanied was also packed with flavors without being overly spicy.

All in all, a wonderful prata and I will definitely be returning there soon.

SP Pratas and Curry
Somewhere in a corner coffeeshop in 12A Jalan Selaseh
Seletar Hill Estate

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