Sunday, July 7, 2013

456 Mian Fen Guo - Comforting Ban Mian in Bedok

It's a bit sad and kinda disappointing that local food blogs are now focusing less and less on featuring hidden hawker gems in Singapore.

And what with the mockery of a hawker challenge with Gordon Ramsay, attention is given only to those who are famous and have actually moved away from their so-called hawker origins into air-conditioned restaurants and cafes.

That is why I still maintain this blog, and thanks to my foodies who continue to provide me with great finds and discoveries, I am able to still uncover simple but delightful food stalls that deserve to be heard.

And today, I would like to showcase one of the foods that I hardly talk about here, and that is Ban Mian. Handmade noodles usually cooked in ikan ibilis (dried anchovies) broth and accompanied with vegetables and pork slices or minced pork, and topped off with an egg.

Simple, comforting food that should be easy to consume, especially on a cold day. Unfortunately, with the large influx of foreign talent, you can hardly find good ban mian these days as most foreign talented hawkers tend to resort to MSG and other seasoning to flavor the soup.

Ban Mian

Thankfully, this stall at Bedok still cooks it the homecooked way. The soup was more subtle and was filled with a generous amount of crunchy cabbage and topped with fried anchovies and shallots.

Every mouth felt extremely comforting and light, and the minced pork balls were a perfect compliment to the whole bowl. Simple as I have mentioned, but everything came well together as a balanced dish.

Good, simple food made by honest folks are getting rarer by the day. And as prices inflate, the food standards have not exactly risen together with the rising food costs.

So, at least, it is good to find something that is really affordable and can bring a smile to my hungry face once in awhile.

456 Mian Fen Guo
59 Food Court
59 New Upper Changi Road

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