Thursday, July 25, 2013

Prawn Mee at 527 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

After my discovery of Zhen Ming Prawn Noodles in Ang Mo Kio, I was pleasantly surprised to find another wonderful prawn mee stall in another part of Ang Mo Kio, this time in a food centre in Avenue 10.

The stall's name is simply Prawn Mee, which is kind of appropriate as it looked inconspicuous, but they actually served up a delicious and comforting bowl of classic prawn noodles.

As with any prawn mee, the key for me is the broth and not the actually quality of prawns. The only criteria for the shrimps is that they must be fresh and well cooked.

When stalls that emphasize on big and tiger prawns, or even resort to crayfish and lobsters, it always signals to me that they are just plumping for premium ingredients and neglect the actual brewing of the soup and stock.

That is why my favorite prawn mee stalls are always the simpler variants, focusing on normal shrimps but making the most out of cooking a winning soup.

Dry Variant

Visually, it looked simple but well garnished. And it showed a sense of care in the presentation even though it was really standard. Everything was done well, noodles just about right, though nothing spectacular.

The shrimps were nicely cooked and tasted fresh, and the chilli was not overpowering and when mixed together, the flavors of spice, prawn and pork were all nicely balanced. The dry version was quite good, though I have had better.

The Wet Variant

But the real winner was the wet prawn noodles, and the soup and stock was gorgeous. Just the right amount of sweetness from a balanced combination of shrimp and pork flavors, it had that nice tea clarity look that was not too cloudy nor too oily.

The prawns, much like the dry variant, was nicely butterflied and cooked. The pork ribs were a mixed bag. One piece was absolutely perfect, the meat beautifully broken down and had a robust pork taste, while another was just a tad too tough.

The portioning here was quite generous and it was certainly value for money for what you pay here, which is refreshing. Considering food prices skyrocketing everywhere, at least in certain parts of Singapore, you still can get affordable food with great quality.

Prawn Mee
Cheng San Market and Cooked Food Centre
527 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

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