Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rilassi at Eunos

Chef Peter's success at Pietro has allowed him to start his 2nd outlet, this time near Eunos and simply called Rilassi, which is the Italian word for relax.

And relaxing it is, situated at a corner of a 2 storey shophouse, it is not air conditioned and yet it is fully comfy and cool for an alfresco like eatery.

The setting is suitably relaxed and looks like a good place to chill at night. Peter himelf oversees the kitchen staff and the menu, and while a lot of it resembles Pietro, there are some new additions that are for now, exclusive to Rilassi.

Peter has intended this to be a younger baby to Pietro, with its reduced menu items and more laid back charms. Yet, the food is still of a high standard for this burgeoning Italian bistro/cafe.

Romaine Lettuce Wrapped in Parma Ham

One of his new creations, this delectable appetizer is just simply delicious. Huge chunks of romaine lettuce totally smothered by a savory and high quality parma, and topped off with more cheese and a nice an acidic vinaigrette.

The beauty of this dish is the amount of different textures playing with the savory and the sour. It looks inviting and tastes just as good. A great way to start off a meal, boy it can be a meal in itself!

Grilled Platter

One of the main features of this new outlet is its grilled items. Peter has focused this to be more a chilled out place, hence the emphasis on grilled food to good with a tasty alcoholic beverage.

As usual, Peter's ability at cooking meat is second to none. Always just that perfect doneness that I like and well seasoned. A good beer will wash away all the greasy goodness.

Chicken Skewers

Another highlight is this tasty plate of chicken stewers, mixed with grilled leeks. There is something about chicken and leeks that just works and it clearly shows here. The chicken was grilled to tender perfection and the leeks adds that touch of sweetness. Simple, effective, yummy.

Savory Beef Waffles

Being the creative person that he is, Peter is always thinking of new ideas to invigorate your palate. And he has concocted this rather unusual dish of waffles with grilled beef. And though it may sound weird, it is not that bad after all, though it is still a work in progress.

For one thing, the waffle was a total surprised in terms of its texture and flavor. More eggy than usual and less flour tasting than most sold elsewhere, the texture was unbelievably soft and had a nice bite. The combination of beef was actually quite novel and somehow with a touch of salad greens, the dish actually works. Though I remarked that it probably needed a bit more of an additional fruity sauce to make it less dry.

Excellent Pastas

If you are just clamoring for his usual excellent pastas, fret not. Rilassi has a wide selection of pastas which are also 1 for 1 during lunch time and is very good value for money. And for my money, Peter still makes the best pasta in town so that is hard to beat in itself.

Knowing Peter, he will likely have more "specials" in the coming months and now that this outlet has just opened in the east side, fans of his who reside in that area will find it that much more convenient to savor his cooking.

Rilassi? Yup,, that's what Frankie said when he went to Hollywood.

 283 Changi Road
About 5 minutes walk from Eunos MRT

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