Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vietnam Splendor - The Video

Vietnam is an incredible country and the Vietnamese is an incredible people. You see it on travel shows all the time, but until you get to the heart of Vietnam, and travel through the cities and its villages, you will not fully appreciate how beautiful the country of Vietnam is.

So often, Singaporeans have relied on tour groups to visit foreign countries, but trust me, Vietnam is a place best experienced if you travel there on your own, and let the adventurous side of you take over.

Over the next few posts, I will be touching on the various aspects of the country and its culture. And of course, the cuisine of Vietnam.

Our journey began in the heart of Hanoi, where it is bustling everyday and every hour in its almost chaotic combination of old and new. We soaked in the atmosphere of a city that is still getting to grips with modernisation, and at the same time, conservative in its own progress.

The Traffic of Hanoi

I will be touching on the city in greater detail, especially on the traffic there as well as how it is a scooter city. For a country that has constantly been invaded by foreign powers, there is a quiet resilience about the people living there.

The cultures of Chinese, French and American are meshed with the traditional Vietnamese values and lifestyle, making it one of the most unique cities and places you can ever find on this planet. Vietnamese are both humble and proud in a good way.

From Hanoi, we will travel eastwards towards the coast of Ha Long, and savor the sights that is Bai Tu Long Bay. It is literally one of the most beautiful natural sights on earth. The incredible limestone structures coupled with the serenity of the bay waters, is simply too magnificent to describe.

Yen Duc Village

From the bay waters, we will finally travel to one of the traditional Vietnamese villages where almost every Vietnamese is born and where most will return to live out their final days. There, I will share with you how Vietnamese live and work and eat.

Where filial piety still rules, and how some of their customs are so similar to us. In the heart of the village, is where you will get to see the true Vietnamese people work and play. How life is simple yet fulfilling to a country so used to being dictated by foreigners.

Modern Vietnam is still very much old Vietnam. You see very little of overseas brands, yet modernisation is also happening at a very rapid pace. It is a lovely country with lovely people.

Vietnam is indeed, splendid. Enjoy the video.

All photography and editing by Ian Low.
All songs written, performed and produced by Ian Low.
All photography was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 5.
No scooters were injured during the shooting of this video.

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