Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mr and Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata - The Beautiful Prata

A prata is a prata is a prata. A simple dish, but really, very hard to master and get it perfectly done. I have had a few pratas in my lifetime, and even the best like Sin Ming Prata has dipped somewhat in standards in recent times.

Personally, my favorite prata stall is largely an unknown one, and that's because it is hidden away in one corner of Seletar Hills, destined not to be discovered. But I shall let you in on another one for everyone's benefit.

On our visit to British Hainan, we had the fortune of stopping by a kopitiam across it for breakfast before heading for the main event.

True to its namesake, this stall is operated by a husband and wife team. Mr Mohgan does most of the cooking here, making the dough from scratch and flipping each prata personally. And of course, he cooks every one with equal consistency and skill.

So, how good is this prata? I always say the test of a great prata is having the plain kosong version, and a simple curry for the dip. If it can pass with the simplest prata, it should be really darn good.

A Beautiful Plain Prata

Just take a look at the picture above and admire the beauty that is a perfectly cooked prata. Yes, it looked thicker than usual, but it was still incredibly crispy to the bite. And the well fried dough was also flaky to the touch, and the slight buttery taste of the crisp dough had that perfect balance of aroma and flavor.

We tried both the fish curry and the sambal curry and both were excellent. They had just the right consistency and texture, not too watery nor too thick. The spices were well pronounced and smothered the prata beautifully like a mother embracing a newborn baby.

That's about it actually, a delicious and addictive prata. A dedication to his cooking craft, Mr Mohgan is a prime example of a passionate hawker sticking to his guns to make great food for his eager customers.

A great prata is a delicious prata is an authentic prata. No wonder he has worked in this line for 30 years, and I suspect with this quality of food, he will surely be around for quite some time yet.

When something this simple is so well done, nothing else really needs to be said.

Mr and Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata
7 Crane Road
Poh Ho Restaurant

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