Wednesday, March 12, 2014

928 Yishun Laksa - A Spoonful of Laksa Goodness

I have heard of how good this laksa stall is for quite some time, and I happened to be near Yishun one weekend, thus decided to check it out.

It is actually situated in a corner in a HDB block, and if not for the long queue, you might be forgiven that there was nothing really special about this place.

Quite the contrary, it is indeed quite special as it only sells laksa and a dessert stall. Even then, the dessert stall sells only a few items and frankly, everyone is here for the laksa.

Priced at only $2.50 and $3, it is almost as affordable as the Sungei Laksa stall. It's no wonder they have such a huge following then.

So, how good was it? Pretty darn good.

Yishun Laksa

I went for the smaller bowl, and it was already quite a hefty serving. Filled to the brim with bee hoon, cockles and bean sprouts, this was exactly the kind of laksa that I enjoy.

The broth was light and savory, yet it had a strong coconut flavor that was neither overpowering nor too rich. There was even half a boiled egg inside, which makes this bowl a real value for money dish. And like good laksa, this bowl was literally finished with just a spoon.

I really loved the combination of laksa flavors and the different layers of textures. Every spoon was a joy and I never felt that a chore to finish the entire bowl. Quite the opposite, I was still pandering for more after the last spoon.

The stall owners were also well drilled in handling the large crowd that had gathered that day. My order was taken very early on, and by the time I reached the front, my food was already prepared and ready. So, despite the long queue, it was certainly worth the wait.

Yes, my favorite is still Sungei Laksa, but boy, Yishun Laksa is not that far behind either.

928 Yishun Laksa
Block 928 Yishun Central 1
Just follow the Laksa aroma and look for the long queue

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