Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brunetti at Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall is not a place I visit that often, though I do recall frequenting it in the past. It always has that cozy, quiet ambiance that makes it perfect for shoppers to relax over a cup of coffee.

Brunetti is perhaps the appropriate spot for that cuppa and then some. Tucked away in one corner, it is almost inconspicuous and the straightforward decor and layout is actually quite suited to the fare they serve up.

It is, obviously an Italian styled cafe. That means, you should expect good coffee and a selection of pasta and pizzas, and finished off with an assortment of pastries.

The seating space is unexpectedly quite large and the sense of sooth is never quite far when you are dining here. It is best suited for an afternoon chat but at the same time, it makes for a great location for executive lunches too.

Good Selection of Pastas

The pasta selection is quite fair and for a cafe, the quality is above average for what is served up here. Most of the items here are quite standard and fairly well done. Nothing out of the extraordinary and certainly a better option than say, Pastamania for the prices accorded here.


Likewise, the risotto here are pretty decent, though I suspect it is not cooked from scratch. I particular enjoyed the mushroom risotto on a previous visit, but somehow they seemed to have pounded on the truffle oil just a bit too much on this visit. Nevertheless, the risottos are worth a try here.


Pizzas fared slightly lower in my book, but were still better than what you get in Pizza Hut and home delivered options. You do get a good selection of fresh toppings which almost made up for the slightly disappointing crust. As beer food, it makes a good pairing.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

What I did get a kick from was this quite sumptuous flourless chocolate cake. It was a delight to dig into, and the more aromatic nature of the sponge and the chocolate ganache will be too tempting for most ladies to resist.

Assortment of Cakes and Pastries

Elsewhere, there are quite a good selection of cakes and macarons for the sweet tooth inclined folks to savor. As with most cafes, there will invariably be some hits and misses. But given the options on offer, it will be hard pressed not to find something to your liking here.


As for the coffee, it is pretty solid. The coffee itself was aromatic and robust, with some nice acidic notes for embellishment. As an espresso man myself, I think most coffee lovers that need a good caffeine fix will walk away happy from here.

If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, or you are seeking a place for some good old Italian comfort fare, Brunetti may just be the spot for you.

163 Tanglin Mall

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