Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moonlight Cake House in Johor Bahru - Of 3D and Rainbow Cakes

It was another one of those special trips with Tony that I got a chance to drop by one of the Moonlight Cake House outlets in Johor, and this one was near Sutera Mall.

From the outside, it looked like most upmarket cake houses you would find in Singapore, but step inside and then there is a world of difference.

The first thing that impressed me was the amazing and impeccable service that permeated the entire staff. From the warm and personable outlet manager, to the servers and waiters who were all so friendly and ever smiling.

Wide Selection of Cakes

 A huge change from the rather lukewarm reception you get in Singapore these days. Smiles were everywhere and graciously given at every opportunity.

And then, there were the cakes that we came here for. Finally, I got to eat a real rainbow cake in Johor. Not only that, I also had a few other surprising delights to go along as well.

Rainbow Cheese Cake

It looked immaculate, compared to some of the versions I have seen in Singapore, and it tasted almost as good. What I liked was that it was not overly sweet, and the texture was just light enough to entice me to go for another bite. Beautiful to look at, and just as easy to consume.

It was also how I remembered cakes used to be made, before the invasion of the French led pasty shops in this region. Simple and back to basis baking techniques that really represented Moonlight really well. The cheesecake element just made this dessert that much smoother altogether.

Red Velvet Cheese Cake

The red velvet cheesecake was just as delectable, and smooth. Again, it had just the right amount of sweetness and with a lovely texture, this was a perfect slice to go with my espresso. Or any beverage of your choice for that matter.

Crepe Cake

Tony's favorite was this incredibly layered crepe cake, and after just a bite, I was inclined to agree with him. I never had this cake before, and the element of surprise was just an overwhelming delight.

I especially enjoyed the texture as the eggy layers of crepes infused into the cake was just so wonderful to bite into, mouth after mouth. Now, if only I can find something like this near me. Sigh.

3D Cupcakes

The manager was more than kind enough to invite our party upstairs to tour their cake making facilities. Taking up just as much space as the cafe below, it was a bustling activity of cake creativity.

Moonlight specializes in custom made cakes, and the ones that really stood out were their 3D custom cakes, which clients can customize to their hearts' content. A box of 3D cupcakes was so visually stunning that I wondered would the client even want to devour them in the end.

Iron Man and Thoms Train Cake

Just take a look at this gorgeous looking Iron Man and Thomas the Train pair of cakes. Each cake is meticulously hand crafted and personalized. The amount of work the bakers put into their craft is just astonishing.

Hand Crafting Each Cake

The bakers themselves were amiable and full of warmth and personality when we were there. Always happy to display their beautiful works, they are probably the embodiment of the artisanal baker. Cheerful bakers make pretty pastries.

Moonlight actually has about 4 outlets all over Johor, and truth be told, I am pretty sure you will get the same high quality of food and service in any one of them.

They might look a bit high end to some, but trust me, the cakes they serve remind me more of a talented home baker than anything else. And that is the sort of warm baking talent that is sorely missing in Singapore these days.

Just to see everyone in the cake house working so happily and so well together still brings a smile to this weary old face of mine. It is no wonder that having your cake here means you can not only eat it as well, but you get to keep the beautiful memories of the place too.

Moonlight Cake House
77 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3
Taman Sutera
81300 Skudai, Johor

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