Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oz Speciality Coffee - Behind the Magic Curtain, A Delightful Cafe Surprise

Sometimes, appearances can be deceptive. From the exterior, it looks just like a simple little cafe serving light pastries and coffee.

Inside the air-con area, there is hardly any seating save for a bar counter with only a few stools. Most of the tables are outdoors, which can be quite challenging for diners on a hot summer day.

Nevertheless, we decided to try out the food here and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was more than just decent. In fact, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

We were there on a weekend evening, and the staff behind the counter were both charming and friendly. They looked young, too.

Surprisingly, there was quite a decent amount of items for dining here. No eggs benedict though, but a good selection of all day breakfast fare that seemed impossible with the amount of cooking area they seemed to have. Maybe they had a magical kitchen hidden somewhere, hmmmm.

Oz Coffee

The Oz Coffee was exactly one portion coffee, and one portion milk. The art was decent, and the coffee was robust and strong, but nothing a teenager cannot handle in this age of hipster cafes. I liked it too.

Salmon Platter

We were forewarned that the food would take 20 minutes to prepare, but boy when it came, was it a delight! Nicely presented, and the portions were generous to say the least. On both plates, we had warm and tasty walnut toasts which were so good we did not even use the jam or butter at all.

The salmon platter was indeed just that. Generous amounts of smoked salmon that could easily accommodate the appetites of two ladies. The scrambled eggs were good, but not fabulous. It needed more seasoning and would have been better if it was a tad more moist and fluffy.

Otherwise, it was a delicious plate of breakfast that you can have as a meal any time of the day.

Big Breakfast

The big breakfast was humongous for a single portion. What I liked was how they served 2 beautiful strips of real crisp bacon. Wonderfully crispy and textured, this is how I like my breakfast bacon to be done.

The sausage was considerate enough to be scored, and using good quality produce, it was as good as it gets. What impressed me was also on both plates, the cook took the effort to do a proper salad using fresh greens and tomatoes and tossed in a properly made vinaigrette.

I really liked how the owners of Oz took the effort to prepare their food. The place may be tiny, and there is a bigger, more patronized cafe next door. In spite of its smaller capacity and limited resources, all I can say is Oz trumps its competition hands down. And the prices here are very agreeable too.

I can see why it is called Oz. Just like the fable itself, this cafe is really quite magical in pulling off a gastronomic feat that even Copperfield will be proud of.

Oz Specialty Coffee
Thomson V Two
11 Sin Ming Road

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