Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rahmath Muslim Food - Prata Extraodinaire

You would not think to find one of the best prata places in an industrial estate, but that was exactly what I discovered last week at Defu Lane.

It used to go under another name, and the owner of that previous stall was actually working at the now infamous Jalan Kayu prata house. He has since settled in India, but his nephew, Haja is now manning the shop.

His uncle used to run this place for more than 20 years, and Haja has also been working and learning from his uncle for the last 7 years.

As such, he was pretty confident of his own prata making skills and has renamed this shop to his sister's name, Rahmath.

Nestled within Soon Soon Lai Eating House, the stall is almost hidden from view in one far end of the kopitiam. This is really a hidden gem in the truest sense of the word.

Kosong Plain

As with any prata I try for the first time, I opted for the generic plain kosong prata to gauge just how good Haja's prata was. And boy, was it marvelous.

It was well rounded, super crisp on the outside and the delicious dough properly cooked through. There was no hint of chewiness at all, and the inner texture was utterly perfect.

Kosong on top, Egg and Onion below

Simply put, this is one of the best pratas around. Just take a look at the picture and you will be salivating already.

Onion Prata

The onion prata was equally delightful. Shaped into a murtabak like square, every inch of the exterior was crisp and beautifully fried. That extra sharpness and sweetness from the onions gave the prata an extra sense of depth.

Curry Chicken

The curries were served were also brilliant, though slightly greasy. It had an assam tinge which gave it a nice acid that went well with the richness of the fried dough. The pratas were so good, that even on its own, it was pure bliss.

Haja at Work

Despite the brilliance of the cooking here, Haja seemed quite despondent as he was complaining to me the business at this eating place was not really that bustling. Hiding in that corner, I won't be surprised either.

He is thinking of moving to a proper shop of his own, but laments that the current rentals and manpower is putting him off on that decision as well.

All I know is that it will be a pity if he decides to quit one day, as his prata is head and shoulders above the more illustrious ones out there, and that includes the likes of the present Jalan Kayu, Thomson Prat and the rather overrated Sin Ming Prata these days.

Here, the prata is not deep fried to a oily dark dough like the one in Thomson, but rather, each and every prata is cooked to order. That alone is worth making the trip here.

If you want to know how a great prata looks and tastes like, come here. It is not just great, it is one of the best.

Rahmath Muslim Food
32 Defu Lane 10
Soon Soon Lai Eating House
Stall 12, deep inside one far end of the kopitiam


  1. HI GUYS WE MOVED to BLK 121 HOUGANG AVE 1 #01-1346
    BY RAHMATH MUSLIM FOOD .. thank you

  2. HI GUYS WE MOVED to BLK 121 HOUGANG AVE 1 #01-1346
    BY RAHMATH MUSLIM FOOD .. thank you