Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Royal Mail Bar - Classy Cocktails and Tasty Bar Grub

The Royal Mail Bar at Ascott Raffles Place has recently undergone a facelift and armed with a revamped menu, the Silver Chef was on hand to sample some of their new selections.

The bar area is situated on the ground floor while the related restaurant is found on the second level. The bar area, whilst not huge, is comfortable and classy and makes for a perfect chill place for after work hours.

Equally classy is the new barrage of drinks and cocktails that the resident bartender has concocted, and some of the cocktails are both creative and tasty.

Timeless English

My favorite drink happened to be one for the ladies. Timeless English is a fusion of classic martini with the smooth floral notes of a traditional earl grey tea flavor. One of the most delicious cocktails around and terribly addictive. So much so that I had two shots of this.

Old Fashioned Spice

A man's drink, Old Fashioned Spice is bourbon with the addition of honey and a cinnamon stick to punch the alcohol with a fragrant perfume. One for the whiskey lovers and a smooth finish at the end.

Cubed Beef Steak

The Royal Mail Restaurant is known for its classic British prime roast, and the bar has cleverly incorporated that dish into a simpler, tapas styled serving by chopping up the beautifully roasted beef into cube steaks.

Done medium rare, the beef was flavorful and the textures expertly captured into tender, moist bites. Served with a pair of bearnaise and spicy crab tomato dips, the beef was so well cooked that it was captivating all on its own.

Razor Clams with Tomato Salsa

Another winner was this plate of razor clams with a salsa of tomato and chilli. I loved the buttery flavors emanating from the clams and enjoyed the tangy sharpness from the tomato and chilli to cut through the richness.

Truffles Fries with Truffle Mayonnaise

Truffle Fries and Truffle Mayonnaise is bar food that can hardly go wrong. The fries were standard fare, but its the mayonnaise that stood out. Rich, luscious and coating every potato stick, it is also the perfect accompaniment to the enjoyable cocktails and drinks.

There are other standard bar food here too, the standard wings and tortilla chips were decent but nothing spectacular. But for my money, the bar grub are definitely above average and will make a decent meal so that you need not adjourn to a separate place to fill your tummies.

The cocktails are the stars of this bar and they are neither flashy nor gimmicky. Each drink was derived with a sense of thought and invention. If you are wondering where to unwind on a Friday evening, I can suggest you can do no worse than at the Royal Mail Bar.

The Royal Mail Bar
The Ascott Raffles Place
2 Finlayson Green

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