Monday, September 1, 2014

Indochili at Zion Road - A Spicy Little Gem

They say that when one door closes, another one opens somewhere else. This must be true at Zion Road when the popular River Valley Nasi Padang closed its shutters one last time recently.

IndoChili is next to it, and though it has opened for quite some, I only discovered it a few weeks back and though it is not exactly serving the same cuisine, it is still dishing out some very good Indonesian and Javanese styled food.

The restaurant itself is decked out in dark, wooden tones and textures. Javanese music is constantly piped through and everything looks elegant and cosy.

As for the food, I was surprised to find so many delightful items on offer. I came in with little expectations and I am happy to say that I left thoroughly satisfied and pleasantly surprised by how good the food tasted. And how authentic as well.

Sate Ayam Madura

This chicken satay reminded me of how much I missed the delicious satay I had in Bali, and it was just as good here. It is beautifully grilled and the morsels of chicken meat on the skewer were tastefully marinated. The sweet, peanut sauce was the crowning touch to this delicious dish.

Sop Buntut

This is a classic Indonesian oxtail soup and a very hearty, tasty broth for me. The soup had numerous levels of depth and perfectly balanced with chunks of tomato and potato. An addictive soup that will leave you coming back for seconds.

Tahu Telor

This delectable beancurd was fried with an egg bomb and topped off with a similar sweet peanut sauce that was used for the satay. Garnished with generous amounts of bean sprouts and cucumbers, this was seriously one of the best tahu telors that I have had.

Set Rice

In addition to ordering the dishes individually, you can also opt for some of the rice sets here. The yellow rice, in particular, was spectacular. Full of flavors, it had notes of galangal and savoriness that would prove difficult to put down.

Avocado Drink

The avocado drink was one of their recommended beverages and for my money, it beats anything that is on offer at Alexandra Village. Creamy and luscious, and infused with drips of gula melaka, the caramelized flavors of the palm sugar flavored the avocado nicely.

The prices at this comfortable eatery are all very agreeable and for such a lush setting, I was surprised that everything was more than affordable. The service staff were very pleasant and helpful and always present should you require any assistance.

It is nice to know that despite the cessation of River Valley Nasi Padang, there is another alternative for something similar to it. In fact, in recent years, the former's food had somewhat stagnated and what Indochili has on offer today has surpassed it on several levels.

54 Zion Road

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