Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#creativesghomecooks - The Red Challenge Gallery

When we first initiated the cooking at home challenge last month, we had only anticipated a modest number of takers, and that from mostly friends.

I am happy to report a month later, we have had a tremendous response to not just February's theme challenge, but to the #creativesghomecooks movement overall!

Not only did we have some of the best home cooks from this island coming onboard, we also discovered that strangers and acquaintances alike have also started tagging the hashtag as part of sharing of their home cooking.

Which is precisely why we started this initiative. And in case you missed my earlier post, we started this #creativesghomecooks to encourage more people to cook at home and to encourage their friends and family to do likewise by nominating others to join in the fun and challenge.

Those who have participated have expressed that they were initially apprehensive, but for a number of them, once they put their minds to it, it turned out to be both fun and satisfying.

And we even have a number of very reputable names from cybermedia sportingly joining in. Thanks Lirong, Daniel, HoneyBee for taking part and helping to spread the movement!

To wrap up the Red challenge, I have decided to share with you some of the beautiful food and photos from February and I would like to thank everyone who has participated.

It is very heartening to see that many are not just stopping at the themed challenges, but is just sharing everything they cook at home, which is what we wanna see!

So, continue to cook and have fun and spread the news! Here are some of Red challenge's photos:

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich by crappysotong

First up is this amazing shot of her homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich by Instagrammer crappysotong. Absolutely stunning photo and it just looks so inviting!

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes on Homemade Brioche by souperchefanna

This homemade brioche topped with roasted cherry tomatoes was not specifically tagged for the themed challenge, but I appreciated the fact that souperchefanna came onboard on her own and has been diligently sharing her home cooked cuisine via our movement. And yes, this looks so yummylicious!

Kimchi Stuffed Cucumber by hazelleo

Then there are some that surprised us with what they could come up with, and though it sounds simple, the picture itself looks so tempting and colourful that you almost want to reach out and taste it right away! This is kimchi stuffed cucumber is by hazelleo.

Lobster Rolls by therantingpanda

The pandas don't cook that much, if at all, but sportingly took up the challenge to tempt us with this appetising plate of lobster rolls. This exemplifies the fact that you do not need to be a professional cook to come up with tasty pics for this movement! It looks just as good as most commercial lobster rolls out there, and much cheaper to replicate at home.

Seafood Bee Hoon with Ba Kwa by danielfooddiary

danielfooddiary was also very sporting to lend us some of his valuable time to not only come up with a photo, but an instavideo to capture the cooking process as well. The final product was a killer dish that was appropriately CNY themed with the abundance of ingredients and topped off with traditional ba law to complete this colourful dish.

Once again, on behalf of the meh meh gang, we are so happy that so many of you have contributed and have fun doing so. Thank you!

As for March, in case you have not been tagged yet, the theme is eggs. Just do any dish that has eggs in it, tag it on social media with #creativesghomecooks and nominate at least one more person to do likewise and spread the movement.

Happy cooking and shooting!

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  1. Super awesome initiative and yes it is really heartening that everyone is coming on board! :)