Monday, March 16, 2015

Silver Food News - Warung Kampung, Miam Miam and Yu Cun Curry Fish Head

Warung Kampung is tucked away in a small little corner of Clarke Quay Central basement, and serves up home styled nasi padang food.

The owners are an Indonesian Chinese couple, and the cuisine is mainly Medan originated. It is simple, honest food.

Their dishes include the standard curry chicken and beef rendang, and both are decent versions of the classics.

Other classics like begadil was a particular standout for us, cleverly infusing it with Chinese parsley to give it that extra touch of flavour.

Nasi Padang Dishes

The eggplant with sambal was another good dish, the sambal just nicely balanced without having too much of chilli hit. The same sambal was apparently used for the other sambal infused dishes but the eggplant was my personal favourite.

If you have a penchant for humble, simple nasi padang fare, this modest little shop may just surprise you and give you more than what you might expect.

Miam Miam Spaghetti

Miam Miam at Westgate is promoting their lunch menu sets, and their popular Miam Miam Spaghetti is part of this set. It is one large plate of pasta and ingredients. The sauces are all pre-made and tossed as you order.

Surprisingly, after a good toss and the pasta well oiled, the eventual result can be tasty to the larger audience out there. Despite the pre-made sauces, or maybe because of this, it is rather flavourful and the addition of strips of bacon and tomato just enhances it.

Chocolate Souffle

But if there is one thing you should try here, it is this well executed souffle. This is probably the last place I would think that a French dessert classic can be pulled off adequately and it is simply excellent. A beautiful lift, the souffle is incredibly light and airy. Nicely done.

Curry Fish Head

Yu Cun Curry Fish Head has a humble beginning as the owners used to start as economic rice stall owners before moving up to a zhe char place in Bishan. Their latest and most ambitious venture is a well decorated zhe char cum curry fish head place in Tai Seng.

The curry fish head is the main thing here and it is decent. Whilst I would have liked my fish to be a bit more fresh when it comes to fish head, the sauce was more than flavourful enough and should give most fish head lovers something to ponder over.

Chai Por Chicken

Elsewhere, their zhe char dishes are pretty run of the mill and while not spectacular, they do their supporting roles well enough. The main draw will be the curry fish head and that should be good enough.

Warung Kampung
The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Miam Miam Westgate
#01-21 Westgate 3
Gateway Drive

Yu Cun Curry Fish Head
147 Upper Paya Lebar Road

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