Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Copper Chimney - Chindian Goodness in Little India

Chindian cuisine, in case you don't already know, is a fusion of Chinese and Indian cooking. And one of the finer examples of this particular genre of food can be found at Copper Chimney.

It is located just beside Mustafa Shopping Mall in Syed Alwi Road and occupies the ground level of a shophouse.

Fully air-conditioned, it looks modest enough and yet, it retains a cosy, family friendly atmosphere.

Copper Chimney has been around for about a decade and specialises in not just Chindian dishes, but the more popular North Indian cuisine that Singaporeans take to.

Salt and Pepper Babycorn

A great way to start your Chindian gastronomic adventure is to try this addictive appetiser. I never thought I would like babycorn this much, but when you do it fried and crisp on the outside and doused with a zhe char style of black pepper seasoning and coating, it is just remarkable.

The combination of the spicy kick from the black pepper, and the playful dance of textures on the palate makes this an incredibly unstoppable snack bite. You might just find yourself ordering a second helping of this dish after the first plate is completely devoured.

Szechwan Noodles

You would expect a meeting of Szechuan cooking and Indian spices will up the ante in the heat quotient, and you would be wrong. Surprisingly, the spice levels are pretty mild for this plate of noodles, and whilst the flavours are all there, it could do with a bit more kick for my money. Nevertheless, to see a Chinese inspired noodle dish in an Indian restaurant is an eye opener in itself.

Butter Chicken

As for the more classic Indian dishes, the Butter Chicken at Copper Chimney is a definite winner. Beautifully cooked to a tender submission, the chicken pieces are as good as it comes. That luscious, creamy, tangy, sweet and savoury sauce is as full bodied and flavoursome as Indian sauces can get.

Have it with some of their fabulous Naan or just with plain rice, the sauce will leave you mesmerised for some time. It is so good that I dare say this is one of the best butter chicken that I have had in a long while.

Veg Jaipuri

For the vegetarian options, this Veg Jaipuri not only looks pretty and colourful, it is also simply delicious in every sense of the word. A mixture of textures and flavours that are nicely brought out by the rather rich and robust sauce, it can be a meal on its own with some rice on the side.

Garlic Naan

While I may still defer to Muthu for the best Naan in town, Copper Chimney's Naan making abilities cannot be slighted either. Though somewhat thicker, each piece of carefully baked flat bread is just as flavourful.

The garlic option is always the best option for me and I must say that it does not disappoint here. Use it with any of the curry dishes and it will absorb every last drop of sauce into the well made Naan for a delightful mouthful.

As for the desserts, I have to admit that I found it somewhat too sweet for my Chinese tastebud. The Lychee Kulfi has the requisite fruity flavours and should prove to be a hit for the young ones.

But seriously, the savoury mains and appetisers here are so good and so authentic that you will be more than satisfied with the infectious amounts of spices and flavours you can find under one roof. The classic North Indian dishes are among the finest in town too.

The Chindian factor might be the hook to get you noticing this place, but when the cooking is of such a high quality, you should have no problem returning here for multiple visits just to savour a superb Indian meal. Chindian or otherwise.

Copper Chimney
100 Syed Alwi Road

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