Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Indian Haute Cuisine at Town Restaurant in Fullerton Hotel

Oberoi may not be the first name you think of when it comes to Indian cuisine, but trust me, once you have a taste of Chef Hemant Oberoi's food, you will be remembering it for a long, long time.

He used to head up Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, and more recently, he has been around the world to showcase the best of Indian cuisine as the corporate chef for the Taj Mahal group of hotels.
Chef Oberoi is currently in town and is the guest chef at Fullerton Hotel's Town Restaurant.

You can tell from the restaurant's more elaborate Indian embellishments and classical piped music that India is the theme for these couple of weeks. In fact, the intoxicating aromas will hit you once you get inside Town.

Ranging from the various different regions of Indian, the food that is presented here are not only unique, they are also very traditional. Some are even long lost recipes that Chef Oberoi has specially revived for the occasion.

Atta Chicken

This is a very special version of cooking chicken in a prickly dough. It is slow cooked with a range of amazing spices and the resultant dish is nothing short of extraordinary. The meat is moist and flavourful and there is this very interesting texture that is just tender but still retaining a certain amount of bite.

But it is the spices that are made from scratch that will dazzle you. Robust and full of intoxicating aromas, it will leave a distinctive memory on your palate for hours after you have had this.

Roti Pe Boti

These are delightful parcels of gastronomic joy made up of baby lamb cooked in Indian spices sitting pretty on top of wheat flat breads. It is so addictive and the lamb is so beautifully cooked. Finished off with some onion bits, it is very well balanced in terms of textures and tones.

Malai Murg Tikka Chicken

This may look very straightforward but once you have had that first bite, you will be utterly mesmerised. Chunks of chicken cooked in a cashew spiced laden paste gives it a luxurious and creamy finish.

But it is that hit of tandoori smokiness that will overwhelm you and leave you breathless. Perfectly seasoned and executed, it goes so well with the dum biryani that is just as amazing.

Trio of Desserts

Usually I find Indian desserts far to sweet for my liking, and in some ways, the ones here are still above my normal tolerance for sugar consumption. Still, the Masala Chai Creme Brûlée stands out for its fusion of Indian and French influences to produce a dessert that does not seem out of place with either cuisine.

The rice dumplings are pretty good on its own and will go well with some of the masala tea they have here that is very fragrant. A good way to end this gorgeous meal.

Chef Oberoi

I had the privilege to be introduced to Chef Oberoi himself and despite the fact that he has been working in kitchens for the better part of four decades, he is still very passionate about his food and is so excited to share his knowledge for Indian gastronomy.

This Indian feast is part of the Art of Indian Cuisine buffet at Town Restaurant right now and it will only be available until the 22nd August 2015. Which means, if you are lover of Indian spicy food, you should not be missing this out.

It is rare to get such great Indian fare here in Singapore and presented at the highest level in one of the best hotels in Singapore. And I must thank the owners and management of Fullerton for consistently bringing such fine chefs and guests to their establishments. It is no wonder that I hardly get to leave Fullerton disappointed these days.

Art of Indian Cuisine
Town Restaurant
Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Sqaure

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