Monday, February 1, 2016

Morton's Steakhouse - The Authentic Chicago Steak Experience

Chicago steakhouses are legendary, and Morton's is just about synonymous with the best steaks in the house. They have been in Singapore for some time now, tucked away in the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

There are new boys in the steak town, but when it comes to having that Chicago steak dining experience, Morton's remains the one to beat.

Lights are suitably dimmed in this joint, and despite the place having a more posh makeover in recent times, it stills feel rustic enough to provide that American lounge seating atmosphere.

The best seats are those by the side, where couples can seat facing the rest of the eatery against the leather upholstery, reminiscent of the classic American dining feel. Service is expected to be more than attentive and let's just say we were not disappointed in the slightest in this regard.

Food is typical American portioning, and that means large and straightforward. No fancy plating or combinations, just straight up solid cooking using the best produce they can get their hands on.

Seared Sea Scallops Rossini

Plump scallops that display a perfect golden brown sear already shows the level of cooking in this establishment. What is even better are the buttered and truffled leeks that burst with amazing buttery flavours. A great combination of classic flavour profiles that is just winning every time you get a plate of this.

Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms

The lobster stuffed mushrooms look innocently enough, but they are also packed with a great deal of ocean crustacean notes to go with the earthy mushrooms. The bisque like sauce tastes like it has gone through layers of flavour extraction, and had the lobsters' last drop of juice squeezed out of them.

Bacon Steaks

The bacon steaks proved to be another revelation, Two caramelised slabs of roasted bacons that are sliced in thick chunks to give both an intensity of porcine flavours, as well as provide great textural pleasure. The best candied bacon that I have tasted.

Bone-In Filet Mignon

14 ounces, or roughly 400 grams of the best cut of beef you can get. American grain fed, so there is a guaranteed level of sweetness which is just fine for beef this thick, this good.

Broiled to a medium rare to medium pinkness, the ecstasy of eating beef is totally exemplified on this one simple plate. The gorgeous beef flavours coming through in every bite, and that juicy interior preserving every last drop of beef moisture that can never be fully described.

Muscular in texture, the bite never fails to give way to a meaty submission that had us enraptured every step of the way during the consumption of this protein. Just a slight jus on the side to wet it a little more, the combination of utter beef intensity, coupled with the highly juiced meat and bite is just about every beef lover's nirvana come true.

Mashed Black Truffle Cauliflower

Cauliflower puree may be commonplace these days, but this pimped up version just about takes the crown in this starch/puree segment. Smooth and creamy is beyond question, and the addition of black truffles up the ante somewhat.

But it is the addition of parmesan that is baked off in the oven to give it a golden brown crust on the top that will send the umami receptors in your palate going off.

Dessert for this special fall menu is a decent bread pudding with ice cream, but seriously, the savouries are why you are here. The wine list is superb and the servers are extremely well trained to take care of you.

Having this steakhouse experience will only spoil you when it comes to other steakhouses in town. They better live up to this standard is all I will say.

Authentic, classic, rustic, straightforward deliciousness.

Morton's Steakhouse
4th Level
Mandarin Oriental
5 Raffles Avenue

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