Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Verre - The Immaculate Elegance of Masashi's Cuisine

Masashi is a name that is synonymous with immaculate cooking, and at his latest restaurant where he is the consulting chef, I expect nothing less than precision and refined plates coming out of the kitchen.

Verre is french for glass, and there is a sense of polish in everything that is associated with the establishment. Superb wines are visible from the huge central wine cellar that stands out.

Seating is moderate, but spacious and with a high ceiling inside, the place is more than comfortable. Yet, there is still a sense of decorum and class.

Foodwise, it is slanted towards modern classics. The emphasis is still on classic, but with a touch of modernistic class and elegance that will not be out of place in a modern Euro bistro.

Black Garlic Soup

The beautifully plated black garlic soup sets the tone and pace for the rest of the meal. Creamy smooth textures, and a bamboo and charcoal coated wheat crisp on top is all that is needed to round out some lovely crunch to a earthy and flavourful soup.

Half Lobster Salad

If there is a dish to represent the brilliance and skill of Masashi, this half lobster salads epitomises that, and then some. A perfectly executed lobster that is cooked neither too dry nor too under, the muscular bite of the crustacean carefully preserved,

The balance of the guacamole with the zesty notes of lemon and the rich avocado combination works in harmony to derive even more flavours out of the Maine lobster. The well chosen greens highlights the taste of Masashi and the diligence of his plating. Exquisite, beautiful and ultimately delicious in every mouthful. One of the all time dishes for me.

Lamb Chop with Cous Cous

More Moroccan than classic French, this lamb chop dish shows how detailed his styling of his dishes can get. The frenching of the chops are clean and purposeful, the meat roasted to an ideal pink interior.

The cous cous properly fluffy and well flavoured with bell peppers, onion and sun dried tomatoes to give that extra punch in flavour. And the jus that only Masashi can muster is the perfect binding sauce for the whole dish. A very enjoyable dish that I can easily find myself coming back for more.

Fillet of Wagyu

This is simplicity in itself, but nailed to perfection. A well cooked fillet of beef, with just a clever and almost inconspicuous garlic/bread crumb and chive garnish on top. Served with a side of hand cut fries that is roundly seasoned with a combination of truffle shavings and oil, it makes the perfect example of steak and potatoes.

Apple Mille-Feuille

A somewhat deconstructed apple mille-feuille that brings a light refreshing end to the feasting here. Thin crisps of filo pastries coupled with the citrus of caramelised apples, apple sorbet and apple compote is just the thing to lift the richness from the mains into oblivion.

All in all, the plates that are served here lives up to Chef Masashi's reputation. Intricately dressed, a steadfast adherence to classic techniques and cooking, every plate is a joy and a dedication to his fine eye for details.

While I am still not amused at his insistence of using popcorn in one of the dishes, when he sticks to his non-whimsical stance of refined precision, Masashi still stands tall and above almost any classic fine dining chef in Singapore.

Come to Verre not wanting to seek out some innovative play on food, but come here to enjoy an evening of fine elegance and savour the immaculate cuisine of Masashi. That in itself, is the greatest gastronomic reward you can give yourself.

8 Rodyk Street

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