Sunday, June 26, 2016

Full of Luck Club - Full of Yummy Plates

Chinese eateries are not having the best of times.
Beyond the established top fine dining ones, most Chinese restaurants tend to regurgitate the same myriad of tried and tested dishes.

Outside of Mitzo, which tries to be more hipster and actually manages to connect, the only other Chinese establishment that inhibits the same rarified air is Full of Luck Club.

Despite having a rather tacky name that suggests a play on Joy of Luck Club, the new bistro styled eatery is actually a spinoff from the owners of Li Bai at Sheraton Towers.

You will not find pretentious settings though, as the whole place has a rather cool vibe about it. Modern soundtracks permeates the surroundings as a mixture of aqua and blue colours dominate the ground floor whilst its second floor has an airy feel and includes a neon lit bar to boot.

The food is also a mile away from the classic Chinese restaurant offerings. Instead, it picks up on the current trend of sharing plates and offers stripped down versions of some of Li Bai's favourites. At the same time, they also have the sense to come up with genuinely creative spins of Chinese favourites.

Chilli Glazed Wings

The wings here are exceptional. A rather clever idea to mix Chinese and Korean with a bit of Southern American makes this dish a winner. Well executed batter to provide the perfect crisp on the outside, the chilli and honey glaze gives an instant kick to the palate. Simple, yet not so simple after all.

Salted Egg Corn

Just when I was about to throw my arms up in salted egg yolk exasperation, they have to just pull me back for one more liu sha extravaganza. Say what you will about salted egg yolk overload, but these little pearls of golden delight prove to be too addictive to turn down. They are even better with some of their hipster cocktails on offer.

Fried Carrot Cake in XO Sauce

Li Bai's undoubtable carrot cake is given a quick culinary rinse and turns up as a decent portioned plate to be shared among your best friends. Indeed, bring your best buddies to savour my favourite dish here. It's the same carrot cake that we love at its elder sibling place, but here the crust is even more pronounced and delicious, and the XO sauce gives it even more flavour and punch.

Kong Ba Bao Burger

The Bao Burgers have been the talk of the town recently with their numerous posting on social media. The bao buns are specially made and it shows. A gentle sweetness from the breads that are shaped like burger buns is all that is needed to complement the excellent braised pork belly with its seductively sinful bites of lardy fat, sandwiched in between the meat and the bao buns themselves.

Moonlight Truffle Beef Hor Fun

Moonlight hor fun may have been pioneered at a famous zi char place, but it is more or less polished to its ideal rendition here. A soft boiled egg to drench over the truffle infused beef sauce gives it such decadence and depth.

The beef slices also adequately rendered and the whole dish comes together as the perfect carb finish to a good meal here. It is also the classic way to end a Chinese meal.

What is not so traditional are the plates that are pushed out here with aplomb and joy. The sense of confidence is evident in each dish and diners will relish at the fun dining concept here.

To be honest, this place does not need any luck. It needs more customers who are looking for a new and modern twist to Chinese eating, and Full of Luck Club shows the way forward.

Full of Luck Club
243 Holland Avenue

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