Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Moosehead Kitchen Bar - Genius Reigns Supreme

Moosehead Kitchen Bar has a new head chef, Seumas Smith for 2016 but the standards are still as high as it ever has been. Owner and chief mad scientist genius, Glen Ballis is still the brains behind the place.

Some of their favourites are still here, though upgraded with better flavours and creativity. In fact, the place has been somewhat spruced up too.

It feels a bit more posh now with the mirrors aligning the wall, and some of the seating rearranged.

Fret not, however. The cool, casual and somewhat cramped atmosphere is still here and that's the thing I enjoy most about this eatery. The lack of a pretentious air is what endears their fans to this place.

The cooking is all about fun and taking local produce and give it all the flavour boosts that it can possibly find. And then some. Sharing plates is the name of the game and sharing is caring. Especially when the food is so good, that is a lot of care we are talking about.

Roasted Cauliflower

It's signature cauliflower dish has now been given a miso twist and it makes a world of difference. That oriental injection gives it a beautiful contrast of sweet and tartness to pair with the perfectly roasted vegetable. Crunch and flavour is on full display here.

Bone Marrow Sourdough

The richness of the bone marrow on a flash roasted sourdough is simple in looks but when it comes to taste, it is certainly fat flavoured packed. The gherkins add just enough acidity to cut through the luxurious oils and it's something that will keep you biting swiftly until the very end. Hard to put down, honestly.

Beef Cheeks

The beef cheeks dish is just about the most pedestrian item here on the menu, and looks the part too. Celeriac puree adds the necessary starch to a well cooked down protein that comes with all its beef juices intact and well preserved. Not the most creative here, yet the execution is almost faultless.

Slow Cooked Pork Belly

Another classic flavour combination of pork and apple. The difference here is the inka roasted pork belly which is just about the best protein I have had all year. The deliciousness of the fats should be rinsed on my palate on a daily basis.

The meat itself, so fully juiced and moist that they should make this high level of cooking mandatory at all cooking schools. A touch of Chinese ensues with the seasoning of star anise and szechuan pepper just to remind you that you are in Singapore after all.

The side of apple gel makes the perfect partner to this porcine delicacy. Nothing much to elaborate except to say that food this good makes you wonder why other folks still want to play around with ridiculous combinations.

As always, it is a pleasure and joy to dine at Moosehead and looking at the reasonably priced menu, you would be a fool not to come here if you haven't done so yet.

After the dust has settled over the Michelin stars, the truth is you simply want food that you can eat everyday and every time. More than that, the testament to a great dish is not how brilliant the first bite can enthral you, but how equally stunning the last one is.

And I can tell you now, every dish at Moosehead has that sublime quality. Which means, you will still want more after that last bite here.

Moosehead Kitchen Bar
110 Telok Ayer Street

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