Monday, September 26, 2016

Plentyfull - Scratch Cooking is the Way to Go

Plentyfull may be a mouthfull to say, but it certainly resonates with me with its scratch cooking philosophy and it's insistence of using fresh produce.

In an era where hardly anything you eat is fresh outside, Plentyfull is plenty refreshing when it comes to its cuisine.

Situated in the heart of Millennia Walk and occupying an insane amount of prized real estate, Plentyfull is as comfortable as it gets.

It even houses a small grocer within the restaurant area and should appeal to a working lunch crowd with its grab and eat lunch concept. Dinner is an altogether different affair. Consisting of sharing dishes with a combination of modern and local flavours.

Plum Pickled Tomatoes

Looking appropriately colorful and vibrant, this smallish plate of plum pickled cherry tomatoes is just the thing to begin a meal here. Highly appetising and that combination of natural sweetness and plum acidity can prove highly addictive.
Charred Vegetables

For the ladies, this equally colorful plate of char grilled vegetables might just be the thing. Nice smokiness accompanies every veggie but it is the fabulous dips that will bring out the flavours to the fullest.

Smoked Mussels and Bacon

For the gentleman, this somewhat surf and turf dish is what we are looking for. Beautifully smoked mussels ensures that there is plentyfull flavour abound, and that bacon. Housesmoked bacon is not only naturally robust, but that manly chunky bite is just what we need after a long day of work.

Each on its own is good, but pairing them together is the smart culinary move here and it works in spades of gastronomic success.

Gnocchi and Kale

The main highlight of the dinner menu has to be this housemade gnocchi and kale. Cheeky biteworthy and pillows of potato goodness drenched in a rich and buttery pecorino sage sauce is just so comforting and seductive at the same time.

The pairing of kale makes perfect sense as the nuttiness of the vegetable helps to temper all the cheesy richness around. The only slight flaw is the addition of the superfluous puff rice which is rather jolting to the whole composition of the dish.

House Baked Choux Pastry

All the cakes and pastries are also house baked and it shows. Nothing fancy that you would find in a classic French patisserie, but rather, home styled bakes that look and taste rustic. And it is that rustic sense that will find an easy comfort with my palate here.

The choux is made with enough buttery goodness and the piped in custard has that ideal calm of eggy sweetness about it. The cakes are equally sumptuous with its wholesome construction and look.

As a beginning venture, Plentyfull has plenty going for it. A passionate team with the right ideals and seemingly, a substantial budget to go the scratch and fresh produce route which I highly admire.

There are still areas for improvement, in particular, plating. With a mid tier pricing here, I would expect a more refined sense of finishing on the dishes. That said, it may also need a more consistent theme on the menu to link the dishes together as this place is just screaming out for a wonderful story to bind the whole concept together.

For now though, Plentyfull deserves your full attention. And plenty of it.

Millennia Walk

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