Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Super Loco at Customs House - Possibly the Best Mexican Food in Town

Mexican food has never been my thing. Until now, that is. The Loco chain of Mexican gastrobars have certainly lit up the food scene in town since Lucha Loco opened its doors a few years back.

Adding Super Loco at Clarke Quay to bolster its lineup, it was only a matter of time before the third, and most high end Loco outlet is up and running.

Situated at the row of restaurants and pubs along Customs House, it faces the magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands skyline.

It has both indoors and outdoors seating but it is designed for alfresco dining, so be prepared to sweat a little during the hot season. If you can put up with the humidity and the scenery, you will be in for a fun ride with the culinary Amigos here.

Atun Tostadas

This tuna taco wraps are just the right way to start an evening of Mexican festivities. Absolutely relished the use of torched tunas instead of traditional snapper for that more muscular bite to the occasion.

Lovingly and colorfully garnished with lime avocado, fresh onions and sea salt, it is a punchy and crunchy way to down the alcoholic beverages with.

Ensalada Granos

Even more refreshing is this bountiful bowl of quinoa with pearl barley to test your textural capacities. That addition of pomegranate not only adds more crunch, it gives it that slight citrus zest for that lilting high.

Pepino Y Mas

Cooling cucumber chunks layered on with yogurt is another winning flavour combination to soothe you from the incumbent heat around the environment. Capers, lime and a light herb perfume from the fennel only adds to the wholesomeness of the dish.


Agave pork belly is cooked overnight with an abundance of condiments that I will not bore you with. It is that intoxicating charcoal finish that will swoon you with all its smoky magnificence and convince you that this not your ordinary roast pork belly.

Caramelised and barbecued pinepapples make the ideal accompaniment to muster the lardy fats into a timid submission and companion. And a slightly grainy yet smooth black bean hummus gives it that savoury hit just to bring all the elements on the board together. Superb.


And what is a Mexican dinner without a host of tasty beverages consisting of cocktails and margaritas. Make no mistake about it, it is a great place to unwind and relax or talk shop if you must.

As for the Mexican fare, I love the authentic flavours and spices which are just enough to scintillate your tongue but never able to singe it.

It is fun, casual yet classy. And the food and drinks are just the start of it. Happy smiles abound with very informative servers will ensure a great partying time for one and all.

Super Loco at Customs House
70 Collyer Quay

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