Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flavvors at Toa Payoh Orange Tee Building

I was over at Toa Payoh Hub for a meeting a few weeks ago and my friend recommended me to try this somewhat new Chinese Dim Sum styled place.

It is actually situated right in the front of the Orange Tee building and is very visible from the front. Internally, it is quite cosy and has a nice decor.

The food served here is a mixture of classic dim sum and zhe char dishes and is a good alternative for those who are tired of the usual soup restaurants and Crystal Jades.

Cereal Mushrooms

We have had cereal prawns and tofu before, but this was still a first for me. Strips of mushrooms deep fried with the now familiar cereal coating and while the mushrooms themselves were rather unremarkable, the cereal flavoring was quite unique in itself.

Deep Fried Shrimp Rolls

The deep fried shrimp rolls were nicely plated and were what you would expect from most dim sum places. The shrimp meat was quite generous though, and yet it did not stand out otherwise.

Coffee Pork Ribs

The coffee pork ribs was quite good though. Not overly sweet and just enough coffee aroma to bring out the flavors of the pork, which was quite well cooked. Wished it was slightly more tender though to let the meat fall easily off the bone.

Stir Fried Mee Sua

The standout for me was this stir fried mee sua dish, which was quite well done and had a nice balance of flavors, with the mee sua, the pork slices, carrots and bean sprouts all coming very well together to give a delightful taste.

As a dim sum place, Flavvors might not really stand out from the crowd, but the food is of a certain calibre and for the nice surroundings, the prices are quite fair indeed. I do feel that they need to work a bit harder on the quality to improve on the zhe char selections to really compete with the rest.

430 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Orange Tee Building #01-01

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  1. On 27 April 2012, I visited the restaurant with my family and 2 ctoddlers. We ordered the Ala Carte dim sum buffet.

    The food was according to my expected standard of being horrendously bad. The skin for the all dumplings could break into pieces!

    The service was not worth mentioning. We had the idea that it could be the company’s policy to serve the customer very slowly so that we would get tired of waiting and leave. I ordered 2 plates of siew mai and 2 plates of shrimp dumplings since the service was tortoise slow. The food arrived in total of 2 plates with 4 pcs each. I also orders 1 plate of charsiew pastry and it came in 4 pcs too. In that case, please inform customer that each order will be limited to one plate serving! Terrible!

    We took a long 2 hours to “finish’ our lunch, left with half filled stomach and hurriedly carried our impatient toddlers out. Luckily, this meal was 100% complimentary using some vouchers!

    Footnote: I noticed I Luv Curry and Wave which are neighbors are under the same management so I will give them a miss too!