Monday, December 6, 2010

A Return To Cafe De Hong Kong

After my first wonderful dining experience at Cafe de Hong Kong, I was itching to go back for a return visit to try some of their other dishes, to see if the rest of the menu could live up to the initial experience.

Well, I was not disappointed at all, and in fact, the second time was as good as the first, and I realised that there were so many other great dishes to try even after this visit.

As usual, the service was great and having recognised us from our previous visit, the staff was even more friendly and attentive, and even commented on my video which I shot the last time.

Deep Fried Fish Skins

Francis had suggested I tried the fish skins after my first visit, and I had no qualms in ordering this right away. I have always been a fan of fried fish skins and they were done brilliantly here. Just seasoned with the right amount of black pepper and salt, this was a perfect way to start our second meal here. It worked well with the black bean sauce from the steamed fish later too.

Seafood Fried Rice

The seafood fried rice was every bit as good as the fish roe fried rice I had previously. It was to do with the way the chef can control the wok hei of this dish, which is very important in cooking fried rice. The wonderful bits of spring onions and shrimp just gave it a nice crunchy texture to go with the fragrant rice flavors.

Steamed Fish Head in Black Bean Sauce

And for the highlight of the evening, we elected for this steamed fish head in black bean sauce dish and all we could say was simply, wow! Huge, gigantic, fresh, perfectly cooked. I should just stop here, but the black bean sauce that accompanied this was perfectly done too, full of fragrance and aroma. Just gaze at the photo above and salivate if you are a fish head lover.

I hardly do a follow up review, but CDHK deserves this second mention simply because every dish has not been a let down so far, and almost every item we have tried has been beyond superlative.

Enjoy! My first visit to CDHK can be found here.

Cafe De Hong Kong 
586 Balestier Road
#01-01 Eastpac Building


  1. I've not heard of this place but the food sure looks good. I'm a fan of fried rice but really fussy about it. Your pix of the rice appears to be the type I like - not soggy & rice is coated evenly with eggs. Yummy!

  2. CDHK is indeed a good place to dine day after day. Too many good dishes to try out. Ian.. that fish is Steamed Patin fish with black bean sauce. Very fresh and is excellent!!!... Die-die-must-try..

  3. Other good dishes you could try on other days:
    1. Mei Cai Roasted Duck Fried Rice
    2. Braised Bee Hoon with mei cai and roasted duck
    3. Smoked Duck Breast
    4. country ribs
    5. Fried dace fishballs hongkong style.
    6. Coffee pork ribs
    many many more.. just list 6 first.

  4. blackswan: u should definitely make a trip there to cdhk, u will not regret it :)

    bobcat: thanks for the recommendations, cant wait to go thru more of their selections to be honest :)

  5. Wow your blog is so rich in content I never know there are so many eating places with good food around :) Heard that Cafe De HK is good, can't wait to try it soon.