Sunday, December 5, 2010

Singapore's Best Food Blogs

As we near the end of the year, it has traditionally been at around this time that people will begin to compile the best of the year's lists, and I thought I would like to follow suit as well.

Over the coming weeks, I will be feverishly compiling my own best of lists, in particular, my top 5 eating places. For now, I would like to start off with my favorite Singapore blogs that I read myself.

First, and foremost, I must acknowledge the fact that there are really a lot of Singapore food blogs around! It means Singaporeans really love to eat and talk about food.

For this list, I would just list the ones that I frequent and enjoy reading on a regular basis and is a must-stop for me on a weekly, sometimes, even daily basis.

5. My Delicious Life

Natty is a wonderful cook and who has been a great inspiration for some of my own creations as well. But more than that, her site is beautifully done and is full of lovely recipes in both English and Thai, and she is a wonderful person too.

4. My Food Sirens II

She runs a very delicious looking site as well, but more than that, she covers a wide breath of food and topics that I can only marvel at. Her photography is really exemplary and I enjoy every of her posts. A must stop for those who enjoy beautifully done food blogs.


A wonderful and delightful lady, she is one of the most read food blogs, not just in Singapore I believe, but anywhere! She enjoys a lot of the same food that I do and she writes exceptionally well. Absolutely entertaining every time I visit her site.

2. ieatishootipost 

Perhaps our most famous food blogger, Leslie's amazing energy knows no boundaries and his website is an encyclopedia of Singapore's hawker food, and then some. What is equally exciting is his loyal horde of makan kakis whom I have gotten to know on a personal basis, they are all amazing in the manner they can sniff out the most obscure of food spots!

1. The Dirty Stall 

For me, my absolute favorite food blog, Singapore or otherwise, is this one by alkanphel. He not only covers great food, he cooks wonderfully as well! I enjoy every single one of his recipes. His site is an absolute must for me, and is wonderfully designed and constructed. And his photos are amazing!

So, there you have it. My top 5 Singapore food blogs which I heartily recommend to anyone with any interest in Singapore or Asian food.


  1. Hey thanks a lot for your compliments Ian! Really appreciate it :D

    You have a great blog here as well, cooking up good food!

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  3. Singapore is best food...Really nice blog..Fish is also good for Health

  4. You have a great blog!! Thanks for the share! I agree!! Singapore do have the best food!:) I can testify this 'coz I did experienced it myself last May when we visited Singapore! Thanks to restaurant-match for that.. More power to you! thanks! :)

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