Friday, February 11, 2011

Bobcat PhD, Persistent Hawker Detective

Today, I am taking a break from the usual food posts, and would really like to acknowledge someone who has been very influential to this blog.

And that person is none other than Bobcat, who is really one of the best resources for hawker food in Singapore.

Futhermore, he is also someone who has a great palette and has a great affinity with people.

Bob is retired, and enjoys passions in food, car audio and photography. But it is his selfless pursuit for the most obscure of hawker food gems that has made my search so much easier. And fun!

I am extremely thankful for his generous time in not only sourcing out gems like Jiang Ji and Uncle Kun, but also his efforts in organising the food sessions and explaining to the hawkers what we food bloggers do to put them very much at ease.

Beyond that, Bob takes the extra mile to print out our blogs and even cuts CDs for the hawkers' consumption. For this, the Silver Chef is both grateful and thankful for all his assistance and it has always been a great pleasure to sit down with Bob and one of his recommendations.

Speaking of recommendations, I am always rest assured that his choices are always spot on. I have discovered the likes of Ri Yi Beef Noodles and the aforementioned Jiang Ji through Bob.

And his unrelenting pursuit to bring the bigger food community to some of these unknown gems is admirable to say the least. Not only that, he himself has so much to share when having a meal with him that it is always a joy to eat with him. And he has a wonderful and lovely wife as well by his side, too!

For this and many other reasons, the Silver Chef is proud to bestow our first ever PhD (Persistent Hawker Detective) Title to Bobcat, who can detect the best of hawker food better than anyone we know, both in Singapore and Malaysia.

Happy Hunting Bob!

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  1. OMG!!!!!!... what have I done to deserve this?????... Oh No!!!.

    Ian.. it's just my circle of foodies and friends that I have accumulated so far, contributed and shared their findings to me that I am able to help others like you and whoever asked.

    The truth is like having foodie friends like TTC aka Andrew Wong and his group of Makansutra kakis, smartgoh aka Uncle Martin and many of ieatishootipost kakis plus my 620+ facebook friends with 60+ foodie friends that shared their 'gems' with me. Credits should go to them..

    Just to list one recent example.. The recent finds was by "accident" talking to Shunfu Mart Mr. Ang of Fu Shi Roast Meat one day when I was talking about best Chicken Rice, he told me that one of his foodie friend brought him to Havelock Road and found that chicken rice being the best. He recommended that to me and after that Sgt Kiang and his Jiang Ji was discovered. So credits must go to all my foodie friends that make my pursuit for cheap and good food more pleasurable.

    I don't deserve this title and therefore, this should be shared with all my good foodie friends.

    Thank you so much for being a good foodie friend of mine and your wife Pauline and your winekaki Ken Chew. It is always pleasurable sharing our common passion and enjoying our meals or new finds together.