Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Xin Yang Thai Food in Woodlands

Winekaki who lives in Woodlands has always been asking me to try out this quaint little Thai stall situated on a 2nd floor of a food court there, and I had never been able to do so until last week.

On the evening that we were there, and despite a heavy downpour outside, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this stall was attracting quite a large queue. Larger than the zhe char stall next door.

We sit ourselves down and got treated to a very economical and delightful Thai meal. Thai food simply does not come simpler than this.

Fried Chilli Chicken Rice With Egg

This felt like one of those typical rice dishes you find commonly in hawker centers. But the chicken was tasty and the chilli was biting. The egg nicely topped off the dish. Simple and good.

Fried Kway Teow

The fried kway teow was obviously different from our usual variant. Sweet, full of bean sprouts and sprinkled generously with grated nuts, this was my favorite dish of the evening. Again, sweet and good.

Tom Yam Soup

Pauline elected for the tom yam soup that came with a bowl of rice. It was not as spicy as the hottest tom yams, but certainly the kick was there. There was a huge serving of seafood within the broth and was quite refreshing too.

Fried Omelette

The fried omelette was nicely done too. Not overly fried and retained a nice yellow color, the fragrance of the eggs came out nicely and overall, it had a nice texture.

If you are around Woodlands, and fancy some simple but tasty Thai fare, Xin Yang sounds like an ideal place to go to. And it is very affordable for Thai food.

Xin Yang Thai Food
2nd Floor
Woodlands North Plaza 884

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