Sunday, February 20, 2011

Punggol Noodles In Kovan With Video

I have long heard of this very remarkable noodle place in Kovan called Punggol Noodles, and had been waiting to try their noted meatball noodles for quite some time now.

Unfortunately, their business is so good that they usually close after lunch, which means we had to get there very early one weekend just to savor this noodle delicacy.

The owner of this stall has been dubbed the one armed swordsman, due to the fact that he has lost his right hand in an accident.

What is remarkable that he has through adversity, come out even stronger to manage and run such a notable noodle stall, which is incredibly inspirational. But, let's get down to the food itself.

Mee Kia

The mee kia that came with it had a topping of sliced mushrooms. The noodles were slightly above average and had a slight dryness, but was otherwise good. The portion was generous and there was a healthy serving of bean sprouts to go along.

Mee Pok

The mee pok was similar to the mee kia, but had a slightly chewy texture to it as we did not consume it immediately. I would presume if you eat it immediately, the noodles would be just fine. It did had an al dente feel to it and tasted very much like an Italian tagliatelle.

Meatball Soup

The meatball soup was the definite highlight and star of the meal. We had our noodles dry, so it came served in a separate bowl, and what an enormous bowl it was!

The soup itself was naturally sweet as I believe they used ti poh fish in it, and that gave the broth a natural sweetness without any artificial flavoring.

Delicious Meatballs

The meatballs were handmade by the swordsman himself and they were beautifully tender. Also consisting of ti poh fish, the meatballs were equally sweet and flavorful and had such a lovely texture when you bite into one of these delightful balls.

The One Armed Swordsman and His Disciples

Watching the swordsman running his stall was truly fascinating. He was very jovial and chatty with his customers, and he has been training his team to cook the noodles of late. I understand that when he personally cooks, the noodles will be even more spectacular!

For the most part, if you enjoy a good bak chor mee, or mee pok, Punggol Noodles is something you should try simply for the meatballs, which in itself, is a superb revelation.

Punggol Noodles
Block 210 Hougang Street 21
Ri Yi Coffeeshop

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 and at Ngee Ann City.
No meatball was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Hallelujah" performed by Lee DeWyze.


  1. Ian.. as far as I know, the old man at the rear has been cooking the noodles for a long time already. His recent disciple has been under training after the CNY.. didn't ask, so I am not sure who this young boy is..

    Prior to CNY, Uncle Meng Yong aka Du Pi Dao mans this front stall that adds the sauces and final touches after the old man at the rear finishes his cooking of noodles. Uncle Meng Yong does a better job in the 'mixes' that adds a better fragrance to the dry noodles. We should try their bee tai mak dry version on our next visit.

  2. May i know the address of the stall or any directions how i can get there?

  3. Ri Yi Traditional Fish Ball Kway Teow aka Punggol Noodles Du Pi Dao aka at Blk 210 Hougang Street 21 (S) 530210 "Kopitiam" corner coffee shop.
    Opens: Monday - Saturday 8am - 3pm (Closed every Sunday)
    At Hougang Street 21, park at the 2nd small HDB car park after you see blk 210. Turn in after that at Block 212 and park there near the entrance of the car park. Walk to cut across block 211 and you will see yellow chairs and the "Kopitam" coffee shop sign at Blk 210. Punggol Noodles stall is at the right hand corner.

  4. This is a picture of Kovan 210 coffee shop..

  5. An inspirational post! Would like to visit this stall & try their noodles. Great review!

  6. looks very different from nomal bak chor mee, from a certain point the mee pok actually looks like some mushroom linguini spaghetti

  7. yeah, it reminds me of funghi al tagliatelle

  8. Hey Ian, kindly note that we will be shifting to Hougang 105 Hainanese Village Centre #02-24,
    105 Hougang Avenue 1 Singapore 530105 (Lorong Ah Soo). Our business will resume in mid Nov 2011! Do contact us at 97225590/92955909 should you have any queries. Thanks for your continuous support and we look forward to serve you soon! Stay Tune ")