Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goh Su Yong - A Singapore Music Treasure

Goh Su Yong was a gentleman I met during my TV interview, the reporter had wanted his views on how new technology is used in music, and how from a traditional perspective, would he be able to embrace such new technologies.

After that remarkable day, Mr Goh and I managed to get together a number of times at his music and school and attempted to collaborate together, and although it was difficult at first, we eventually manage to make some great music together.

But before I go into the new music we have made so far, I would like to touch upon Mr Goh himself, and what a remarkable musician he is.

Mr Goh can play almost every traditional Chinese musical instruments out there, including some I have never heard of, including a very rare Moon Guitar.

He is also one of the few people left in Singapore that can repair such instruments, and it is this legacy that he wants to preserve.

I am very fortunate and privileged that he has asked me to work with him. You see, Mr Goh is also a very prolific compose, and has been writing music since the 70s!

The Moon Guitar

And it was his late grandfather's wish that Mr Goh would be able to carry on his legacy of music, and with that, I am proud to be able to help preserve this important musical heritage.

With that said, we have been working to record Mr Goh's original music using the iPad and I have been arranging it to make it more full and complete, and also more accessible to today's audience.

Some of the fruits of our labour can be heard on The Mooncake Melodies, and 2 of his other compositions, 天山行 can also be found in Five Elements Tea EP.

We are also working on a very special project for an important occasion for the end of the year, and hopefully we will be able to share this with you and let you savor the genius and talent that is Goh Su Yong.

To hear some of his music, go to the below link.

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